What conditions are necessary for innovations?

Requirement for innovationsCreativity and business skills

Effective partnerships are therefore also one of the central levers for establishing the BothBrain approach in practice. A special responsibility lies with the respective person project Managerwho is about the Composition of his team decides and moderates its daily work. Such partnerships are part of everyday work at Nestlé, for example. The traditional food company consciously brings people with analytical and creative skills together in cross-functional innovation teams who are responsible for new products such as Dolce Gusto or a new form of breakfast cereal from the first idea to market launch.

The project manager has to deal with those involved with great sensitivity assign appropriate roles and their Define scope for decision-making. In view of the dominance of rational thinking in most companies, this means in particular Freedom for creative people to create and to let them decide.

In order to establish BothBrain in everyday life, suitable structures are also necessary. In practice, a separation of innovation groups, which work as profit centers, and supporting competence platforms has proven itself. While the groups are promoting a new product from A to Z, they can fall back on services within the group such as market research or prototype production. These can generate economies of scale because they are used by different groups.

After all, the successful implementation of BothBrain also depends on a balanced one Talent development and recruitment from.

"Our survey revealed considerable deficits here. As a result, creative talents avoid traditional employers and often work in small units or as freelancers",

said Rudolf Pritzl. Top employers such as Google and Microsoft succeed in preventing this brain drain with a sometimes unusual approach. Google allows every employee to spend 20 percent of their time on new projects. Microsoft uses a very elaborate tech festival once a year so that thought leaders can present their visions to practitioners from the line organization.

Innovations represent the in developed economies Growth driver Number one. Since the capital stock is saturated and the number of working hours is constant or even declining, innovations are the main driver for productivity increases. If it was once the dynamo, the aspirin tablet, the nylon dowel or the MP3 player, in the future it will be the Audi e-tron, micromechanical sensors or Desertec that can bring progress from Germany. For this, however, it is important that the right employees come together and that companies create enough space for innovations.