Which cities start with the letter A.

International cities with N

name of the cityResidentscountrySpecialty
new Yorkapprox. 8,400,000United Statesmost populous city in the United States
Naplesapprox. 960,000Italythird largest city in the country; Founded around 500 BC Chr.
Niceapprox. 340,000France Port city in the southeast of the country
Nottinghamapprox. 331,000Great Britainknown the Robin Hood legend
Nashvilleapprox. 670,000United StatesCapital of the US state Tennessee
Nairobiapprox. 4,400,000KenyaCapital of the East African state on the Indian Ocean
Nantesapprox. 310,000Francetemporary capital of historic Brittany
Newcastleapprox. 300,000Great BritainTown in Northern England on the River Tyne
New Orleansapprox. 390,000United Stateslargest city in the state of Louisiana on the Mississippi River
Novosibirskapprox. 1,500,000Russiathird largest city in the country; loves on the Ob river in Siberia
Nicosiaapprox. 277,000CyprusCapital of the Republic of Cyprus
Nanjingapprox. 5,900,000China1927–1949 capital of the Republic of China
Nassauapprox. 250,000BahamasCapital of the island nation in the Caribbean
Nagoyaapprox. 2,326,000JapanPort city on Honshu on the Pacific

There are of course a number of other cities that begin with the letter N on our planet. The capitals alone could still be considered New Delhi (India), N’Djamena (Chad), Naypyidaw (Myanmar), Ngerulmud (Palau), Niamey (Niger), Nouakchott (Mauritania), Nuku’alofa (Tonga) and Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan).

Other cities such as natal in Brazil with about 1.2 million inhabitants, Nizhny Novgorod in Russia with approx. 1.2 million inhabitants, the French Nîmes and Niort or Neuchâtel, Neuhausen at the Rhine Falls as Nyon in Switzerland.

Quite a few large cities in China start with N in our spelling. The ones listed here all have more than 1 million inhabitants:

  • Nanchang
  • Nanchong
  • Nanning
  • Nantong
  • Nanyang
  • Ningbo

German cities with N

name of the cityResidentsfederal stateSpecialty
Nurembergapprox. 520,000BavariaFranconian city; second largest city in the Free State of Bavaria
Neussapprox. 155,000North Rhine-Westphaliaone of the oldest cities in Germany; Roman times around 16 BC Chr.
Neumunsterapprox. 80,000Schleswig-HolsteinFirst mentioned in 1127 (Wippenthorp)
Neunkirchen (Saar)approx. 47,000Saarlandsecond largest city in Saarland
Nordhornapprox. 53,000Lower Saxonyborders directly on the Netherlands
Neubrandenburgapprox. 64,000Mecklenburg-Western Pomeraniathird largest city in the state
New Ulmapprox. 59,000BavariaUniversity town on the right bank of the Danube
Naumburg (Saale)approx. 32,000Saxony-AnhaltCenter of the northernmost German wine-growing region on the Saale and Unstrut
Nettetalapprox. 43,000North Rhine-WestphaliaBorder town to the Netherlands on the Lower Rhine
Neustadt (on the Wine Route)approx. 53,000Rhineland-Palatinateis on the German Wine Route
Neuwiedapprox. 65,000Rhineland-Palatinatefounded in 1653 as a planned town
Nordhausenapprox. 42,000ThuringiaCity on the Zorge and former imperial city
Nienburgapprox. 32,000Lower Saxonyis located on the Weser in the center of Lower Saxony
Nagoldapprox. 23,000Baden-Wuerttembergas Villa Nagaltuna documented for the first time in a document dated May 3, 786

Which city with N promises more points?

Goal of the game City-Country-River is to get as many points as possible for the respective solutions. Since there are fewer points if several players have the same solution in a category, it is often better not to give the “standard answer”.

In the case of a city with an N, the German cities Nuremberg or Neuss or New York City or Naples are often mentioned. If two or more players decide to do so, only 5 points are awarded. But if you are the only player to write another city, you get 10 points.

A more promising answer would therefore be the Brazilian city natal or the city Nyon in Switzerland.

In the case of German cities, the cities promise Nagold in Baden-Wurttemberg, north or Northeim in Lower Saxony, due to their short spelling, higher chances of being the only player to have written them down.

Of course, Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz or Neustadt am Rübenberge are also mentioned less often, but here you should always keep an eye on the length of a word. It just depends on how fast you can write or how slow the other players are.

In the tables above, we have listed less used cities with N in the lower area and the supposedly more frequently used cities above. We also focused more on shorter city names.
What are your favorite cities with an N?
  • Are you glad you can think of a few cities with an N at all?
  • Do you prefer “unusual” city names?
  • Do you think of cities from your region faster than big cities or capitals?

Let us and the other readers know and write it right here in the comments!

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