What is the most popular wine

Which are the most popular grape varieties?

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    Peter Keller

Elisabeth G. from W. wants to know which grape varieties make a particularly excellent wine. What would you particularly recommend?

So many grape varieties are grown worldwide that I have to limit myself to a certain selection. The question can of course only be answered in fragments. These are the varieties that I classify as particularly large and that I personally like very much.

Red and white favorites

In the case of reds, it is Pinot noir that ideally produces exceptional wines that perfectly reflect their origins. This includes the Burgundy, although you should know a lot about locations and producers. Superb wines from this variety are produced in Switzerland, as well as in Germany.

Nebbiolo also has many outstanding skills. The famous Barbaresco and Barolo wines are made from this.
Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, the basis for the famous and storable Bordeaux, also belong to the illustrious circle of the great grape varieties. The wines combine strength and elegance and shine with their digestibility.

When it comes to white, there is no way around Riesling - another variety that expresses the terroir excellently. The best examples come from Germany, Austria and Alsace. Also worth mentioning: The style ranges from dry to residual to sweet. Excellent wines are made from Chardonnay. Here again, Burgundy is the great model for a variety that is grown worldwide. However, the qualities vary considerably.

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