How can we convince people of cleanliness

I'll make #meinePearl - we introduce ourselves

As different as we hamburgers may be, we all love our city on the Elbe. So it is actually logical that everyone should help to look after them and keep them clean. Do you see that too? Then you've come to the right place with us, the Clean Hamburg Initiative. We want to win people over to the topic of cleanliness and convince them to sign the Hamburg Cleanliness Agreement.

With his signature, the undersigned promises to ensure that his garbage does not end up on the street and that our beautiful city with its streets, squares, parks, beaches, canals and canals stays clean. Out of respect for his fellow human beings and out of love for Hamburg.

Our many faces - the ambassadors of the alliance

We receive active support in the search for signatories from our ambassadors. They include restaurateurs, event managers, artists, media professionals, entrepreneurs and many more. They are all united by their strong commitment to a clean Hamburg. With their impressive personality, with their inspiring stories and exciting projects, they win new signatories for our agreement.

Our voice - Imke, on the go for cleanliness

The sympathetic voice and main ambassador of our campaign is Imke, our mad reporter and out and about in town for us all year round. She meets our alliance ambassadors for a conversation and holes them with questions about their projects, or she mingles with people and collects their opinions on the subject of cleanliness in everyday life. Do you want to get to know Imke a little better? Find out more here.

Our goal - to unite all hamburgers for cleanliness

A clean Hamburg is a joint project that can only succeed if everyone participates and makes their contribution. Are you in? Then give your vote to a clean Hamburg! Sign the Hamburg Cleanliness Agreement now.