Why is cyber bullying considered bad

Cyberbullying: Causes, Types & Countermeasures

Most of the time it affects adolescents and young adults, but basically we are all not immune to it.


Thanks to the World Wide Web, it is now possible for all of us to communicate with one another almost without restriction at any time, even locally: We can unconditionally exchange thoughts and ideas (anonymously), research information and make "friends" all over the world. Spleens and niche topics find their server space as well as the shy neighbor boy next door, who likes to blog about books, but is less likely to talk about them with others. The Internet is therefore beneficial in many ways because it makes communication and exchange possible for all those who feel alone with a certain topic in their local offline reality.


The other side of the coin: This wonderful freedom and versatile limitlessness can at the same time be fatally exploited as an unrestrained space. The much-invoked anonymity on the net not only gives shy people the necessary tailwind, but also all those who abuse them as a protective shield for jokes and targeted attacks on others. Through social networks, content spreads extremely quickly and uncontrollably, it can be saved, manipulated and uploaded again.


The possibilities of the World Wide Web offer cyber-bullying fertile ground that can be many times more disastrous than that of "schoolyard bullying".