What is a computerized perfume

What is perfume and what types are there?

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What are the basic ingredients of perfume?

The basic ingredients of a perfume are main alcohol (approx. 80%), distilled water and dissolved in it natural essences. This means essential oils, of vegetable or animal origin, as well as synthetically produced fragrances. The alcohol and water serve as solvents for the essential oils. The technical term for natural and synthetically produced essential oils is "fragrances". From a quantity of around 200 natural essences and around 2,000 synthetic fragrances, 30 to 80 different substances are mixed together for a fragrance composition.


Once the right mixture has been found and a composition is put together, it is ultimately diluted with alcohol. Basically, the higher the proportion of essential oils, the more alcohol must be added to the solution. Water can cause a scent to evaporate more slowly. That is why some fragrances are mixed with a few drops of water.


What is the difference between the individual perfumes?

The difference lies in the respective concentration of the fragrance oil contained. With 15% to 30%, the perfume contains the highest concentration of scented oil and is therefore also the most expensive perfume variant. It is followed by the eau de parfum with 8% to 15% fragrance oil. The greater its concentration, the higher the efficiency of a perfume.


I would like to list the standard dilution classes for you here:


Women's perfume:

The Perfume, also known as "Extrait", is a 15-30% solution of the concentrated fragrance composition in 96% alcohol.

The Eau de Parfum describes an 8-15% solution of the concentrated fragrance composition in 90% alcohol.

The Eau de toilette is an 8-12% solution of the concentrated fragrance composition in 85-90% alcohol.

The Eau de Cologne describes a 4-8% solution of the concentrated fragrance composition in 80-85% alcohol.


Men's Perfume:

The Perfume or Extrait also denotes a 15-30% solution of the concentrated fragrance composition in 96% alcohol.

The Eau de toilette is a 5-10% solution of the concentrated fragrance composition in 80-90% alcohol for men.

The Eau de Cologne is a 3-5% solution of the concentrated fragrance composition in 75-80% alcohol.

The after shave describes a 3-5% solution, which also contains active ingredients that care for the skin.


Interestingly, men tend to use less rich scented waters, women mostly to the higher quality scents.


Unisex fragrances are becoming more and more popular. They can be used by women and men alike.


What does the designation “FL.OZ” actually mean on the perfume packaging?

SEAM"Means" Fluid Ounce / s "and is a North American measure of the amount of liquid. For example, 100ml corresponds to 3.4 FL.OZ.

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