What is Jack Black doing now

Jack Black

As one of the busiest supporting and character actors in Hollywood - he often only has tiny roles - Jack Black has already played in a large number of cinema and television films, including Stephen Frears' "High fidelity"(2000) where he played the sarcastic Barry in John Cusack's record store. Black was previously in the independent drama"Jesus' Son"(2000) to be seen alongside Billy Crudup. Jack Black's other films include three directing works by Tim Robbins: the comedy"Bob Roberts"(1992), the drama"Dead Man Walking - His last walk"(1995) and the drama" Cradle Will Rock "(1999).

He also played in "Tony Scott's psychological thriller"The Fan"(1996, with Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes) and in his action thriller"Public enemy No. 1"(1998), in Tim Burton's"Mars Attacks!"(1996) and not mentioned in the horror thriller"I still know what you did last summer"(1998). He was also seen in numerous guest appearances in TV series such as" The X Files "(1995) and" Picket Fences - Tatort Gartenzaun "(1995/96). As the lead singer of his band" Tenacious D "(with the he also appeared in the Pauly Shore comedy "Bud and Doyle - Totally Harmful", 1996) Black has already completed his first world tour.School of Rock"(2003). However, he was completely miscast in Barry Levinson's attempt at comedy"envy"(2004) while he was in"King Kong"(2005) convinced again.

Other films with Jack Black: "Demolition Man"(1993)," Airborne - Fleet Boys on Roller-Blades "(1993)," The Neverending Story III "(1994)," Bye Bye, Love "(1995),"Waterworld" (1995),"Cable Guy - the pain in the ass" (1996), "The Fan"(1996)," Crossworlds - Dimension of Infinity "(1996),"The jackal" (1997), "Cat Terror - The devil is a woman", "Badly in love", "Get out of Orange County"(all 2001),"Nacho Libre", "Love doesn't need a vacation", "Tenacious D - Kings of Rock"(all 2006),"Wacky" (2007), "Tropic Thunder" (2008), "Year One - Every beginning is difficult" (2009), "Gulliver's Travels - Something big is ahead" (2010), "One year bird-free!" (2011), "The D-Train" (2015).