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About Belvilla


Founded in 1980 under the name "Ardennes Relais", the company operates under the name "Euro Relais" from 1987 and has established a leading market position within Europe. In 2007 the holiday home brands Euro Relais and Belvilla (founded in 1987 in Heerhugowaard) are merged under the @Leisure Group. The Dutch @Leisure Group with headquarters in Eindhoven has been operating in Germany under the Belvilla brand since 2008. Belvilla has been part of OYO Vacation Homes since 2019.

Over the years the offer has expanded to include 21 European holiday destinations, namely: Netherlands, Belgium (Ardennes and Flanders), Germany, Luxembourg, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden and Denmark.

Lots of variety on vacation

At Belvilla, consumers will find holiday homes for every type of holiday. From the sunny summer villa in southern Europe to the chalet for winter sports, from the atmospheric farm for the family to the group castle for a weekend holiday with friends or family. From the luxurious manor house with tennis court, jacuzzi bath or sauna to the simple tree hut four meters high. Going on vacation with your dog? Pets are allowed in many thousands of holiday homes!

Length of stay and vacation periods

In addition to the usual stay of one or two weeks for the holiday home industry, Belvilla also offers flexible travel times. Guests can choose between a short week from Monday to Friday, a weekend from Friday to Sunday and a long weekend from Friday to Monday.

Holiday homes with a special character

On belvilla.de, Belvilla offers a selection of 25,000 exclusive holiday homes that can be booked online. Thanks to the active acquisition policy, many new authentic holiday homes are added every year. From the open-plan apartment to the circus wagon, from the mill to the dovecote, from the former school to the ship.

Privacy and time for yourself

The great advantage of a holiday home is the privacy and the ability to organize the time yourself. Do you want to have breakfast comfortably in your pajamas? Do not get up until 11 a.m.? Talking to friends all night without paying attention to the bar's closing times? Or what do you think of a swimming pool all to yourself?

A holiday home is also ideal with small children. Especially when they still need their afternoon nap, but also when the little ones are in bed in the evening, it is nice to be able to end the day comfortably in the living room. In addition, there are special children's facilities in many houses, such as a playpen and cot, which can be reserved.

Internet offer, booking channels and security

Belvilla offers a wide range of exceptional and high quality holiday homes. As early as 1999, the holiday provider recognized the advantages of Internet offers and booking options and opened a fast and fully automatic online booking system to its customers with the six-language website. To this day, that means: booking a holiday home quickly and conveniently from home, seven days a week, around the clock.

In addition to booking online, you also have the option of booking by phone through our service center or through a travel agency. You can start a travel agency search via the house description, which will show you the cooperating travel agency in your area.

Belvilla's user-friendly homepage is more up-to-date and functional than any travel brochure, as it provides customers with information about specific offers, the current availability of holiday homes and the price for the selected period. Comprehensive information on the area, arrival and departure conditions, costs on site and numerous photos as well as a detailed description of the house make it easier to choose the right accommodation.

The numerous search functions are particularly helpful: the ideal holiday home can be found using key words (e.g. Tuscany, houseboat, etc.), topics (such as luxury, extraordinary, etc.) or a selection of criteria (number of bedrooms, location, pets allowed, etc.). With the help of Google Maps, a house near a certain place can be found, with the radius or area search it is even possible to find a holiday home in a certain area, e.g. along the Dutch coast. In addition, you can now make a 24-hour reservation online, which allows our customers to consult with the family before booking or, if necessary, to find and book a suitable flight.

Belvilla wants to offer its customers the best possible service, the best offers and a high level of security. Read more about our ideas and measures for customer orientation, product and safety.

This is what distinguishes a Belvilla holiday home

A Belvilla is


Our holiday homes are characterized by a typical construction method and a special character. Whether half-timbered house in southern Germany, thatched-roof holiday home on the North Sea, a finca on Mallorca or a country house in the Belgian Ardennes, a Belvilla is always something special. If you like it really unusual, you can also spend your vacation with Belvilla in a castle, a cave, a tree house or on a houseboat!

... ideally located

Decisive for a successful holiday is not only a beautiful and comfortable holiday home that meets your needs, but of course also the surroundings. Whether you prefer it quiet and close to nature or urban and varied, whether you hike or lie on the beach, or want to explore a new city, our holiday homes and apartments are always located in such a way that you will certainly not get bored on vacation. And if you like, the homeowners in many Belvillas will be happy to help you with helpful insider tips on the area!

... amazingly inexpensive

Belvilla stands for an excellent price-performance ratio. Holidays in a holiday home are often far cheaper than staying in a hotel of a comparable standard. Added to this is the increased flexibility in terms of the additional costs. In a holiday home, you are not dependent on expensive restaurants and cafés every day, but can cook for yourself whenever you want.

It is particularly worthwhile for groups to calculate the Belvilla prices down to the costs per person. You will be amazed at how little money per person you can book a group stay in a very comfortable and high-quality holiday home with Belvilla!

Quality as a common thread

Quality runs like a red thread through Belvilla's range and services. To make what the vacationer expects and even more than that.

Quality towards the guests

Consumers book their vacation based on information and often do not have the opportunity to view the property beforehand. The feedback from vacationers and Belvilla's constantly critical attitude contribute to the ongoing focus on quality.

Various activities show that Belvilla focuses on customer satisfaction:

  • Classification and inspection
    Each house is objectively classified with 1 to 5 stars using a very extensive classification form. Houses that do not get at least 1 star will not be included in the range. This classification procedure is based, among other things, on the system of the Dutch car club ANWB.
  • Regular customer satisfaction survey
    After returning home, each guest is asked about their experience in the holiday home. On average, Belvilla received an 8.3 rating for satisfaction with the stay on a scale from 1 to 10 (16,000 surveys, 2007). The results of this survey are automatically sent to the holiday home owner for each house. If a house is graded too weakly, agreements are made with the homeowner about the required quality improvements.
  • 24-hour emergency service
    In the event of problems during their stay, guests, homeowners and property managers can contact Belvilla by phone around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Content quality
    All house descriptions correspond to the reality in terms of content and have been carefully checked before being published on our website. With a true reproduction of the holiday home, for example in the description and a detailed photo presentation, guests can assess what they can expect on site in advance.

Quality towards the homeowners and property managers

Belvilla also stands up for homeowners and property managers. In the collaboration between Belvilla and the homeowners and property managers, transparency, security and flexibility are key concepts. So every home owner and possibly the property manager has the possibility to call up all data, such as the booking details, of his house at any time. Flexibility is expressed, for example, in the fact that you can make your own bookings and in a short-term contract. The security that Belvilla offers is demonstrated, for example, in the payment before the guests' arrival, compulsory liability insurance for every guest, the 24-hour emergency service and a fixed contact person who can communicate with them in their native language.

Quality towards the web partners

In addition to direct bookings via the website and the reservation team by telephone, many international partners also offer Belvilla holiday homes. Belvilla processes the booking for these partners and takes care of the service, while the web partner receives an attractive commission. The integration options of the offer vary from very simple (link or banner) to very complex (XML) and from the selection of a type of accommodation or a travel destination to a complete range of houses. Belvilla also supports promotions with promotional material. On top of that, every web partner is looked after in their native language.