What is the best power dialer

If you are looking for predictive dialers, auto dialers, power dialers, telemarketing software and call center applications, you have come to the right place. ICTBroadcast is a software solution for telemarketing, lead generation, business development, sales and marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as for Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs).

ICTBroadcast is one of the best auto dialer software that has all the features of an intelligent auto dialer and predictive dialer to process thousands of simultaneous automatic calls and record message announcements and forward the call to agents when the recipient wants to forward.

ICTBroadcast is also a inexpensive and inexpensive Auto dialer software in the market.
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This is intelligent, automatic dialer software that can communicate between cell phones, PSTN and VoIP phones by automatically dialing the phone number. The maintenance effort for ICTBroadcast is also very low. By purchasing a single license, you can get up to free technical support. The following are the system requirements for setting up ICTBroadcast on your server.

1. Linux server for the ICTBroadcast installation with public IP address

2. A VoIP account for outgoing voice and fax transmission

ICTBroadcast supports many business scenarios including, but not limited to, Automated Telemarketing, Simple Call Center with Automated Dialer, Predictive Dialer for Outgoing Calls, IVR Polls, Auto-Dialer for Inquiry, Interactive Voice Broadcasting, Political Voice Broadcasting, Appointment Reminder, and Emergency Notification System.