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International students

Comprehensive international student plan

International College Counselors is a leader in facilitating access to US universities for international students. With the help of International College Counselors, hundreds of students from over 30 countries have successfully received admission to the best US colleges and universities. Mandee Heller Adler, Founder and Partner of International College Counselors, wrote the book on International Admissions - International Admissions: How to Get Admitted to US Colleges. Counseling can be in English or Spanish, depending on the family's preference. In addition to the comprehensive college or graduate plan listed below, international student applicants receive support on:

TOEFL exam

  • Plan and create a TOEFL exam schedule

School selection

  • Review of the TSO schools (test result optional)

Preparation of the required bank letter

Translation of transcripts and letters of recommendation

Deadline monitoring

Comprehensive college plan

Each International College Counselors service begins with a full discussion with the parent and child, a review of applicable academic and test records, and the completion of the student / family profile. This way, the counselor will better understand your child's and family's values, priorities, and preferences, as well as your child's strengths, needs, and learning style.

With the Comprehensive College Plan, 7th through 12th grade students receive a personal advisor from International College Counselors They will be guided through the entire admissions process, including some of the following:

High school planning and guidance

  • Make a detailed plan for the high school courses
  • Make sure students take full advantage of the courses on offer at their high school

Refinement of extracurricular and academic interest

  • Help students apply their extracurricular and academic interests in novel ways to deepen or broaden their experience in these areas
  • Create specific opportunities for the student based on extracurricular activities

College selection

  • Develop, evaluate and finalize a list of colleges the student will apply to
  • Identify the colleges to be visited
  • Learn what to look for when going to college and plan for college visits

Essay advice

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Assess the general requirements for applications and school-specific essays
  • Review the draft essays

Check application

  • Help the student highlight strengths
  • Check the applications

Letters of recommendation

  • Decide which teachers / professors should ask for recommendations
  • Learn how to contact teachers for the best results

Interview preparation

  • Prepare students for on-campus and off-campus interviews and meetings with admissions officers
  • Practice interview questions and expert answers

Test planning

  • Create a standardized test plan
  • Discover test preparation strategies / classes

Summer experiences

  • Provide opportunities to maximize summer plans

Waiting list / postponement

  • Develop strategies for adoption when they are put on the waiting list or moved

This plan also includes communicating with colleges on behalf of the student. Students receive face-to-face meetings (when available), unlimited phone, Skype, and email correspondence.