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Hello. I have a question.

I'm a Muslim and that's why I'm only interested in Islam in this case. That's why I'm excluding other religions from there. Christians, Jews or people of different faiths are welcome to say something about it, but without hate.

Following situation:

There was a Bollywood actor. His name was Sushant Singh Rajput. He died last month. His death left many questions. It looked like suicide, but many believe it was murder. There is a lot of suspicion and already evidence, but the Indian police do not want to argue.

There is a YouTuber who has the gift of speaking to souls from the hereafter. He called and talked to Sushant‘s soul. Well, it really is his voice. I recognize her because I was his fan and watched his films. But in some places it's hard to see the voice.

In any case, Sushant says that he sees a light. You can also hear a woman's voice. One thinks that this is his mother. He also meant that he is sitting with "his God" (he was Hindu and followed Shiva). That also makes me doubt a lot, because from an Islamic point of view there is only one God and that is Allah.

My question: Is it even possible to speak to souls in this way according to Islam? Doesn't that count as Shirk? I can't believe that because it's somehow not logical and after death you are no longer in contact with the outside world, right? Is there anything about it in the Koran? Any Hadith? I thank you in advance.

Here is the video: