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My favorite magazine


* We are gradually expanding this collection.

Florian Burkhardt: Merkur - German magazine for European thinking

You can already see from the cover that this is not a classic magazine: no picture, no headline, just a kind of table of contents with authors and cryptic titles. What do you have in your hand here? I'll tell you: texts.

And that's exactly why I love Mercury. The magazine trusts its texts without any ifs or buts. And I have to say: most of them are simply brilliant! Topics: culture, philosophy, literature, economics, history - and whatever else the authors can think of. Style: sophisticated, punchy and - I would like to say - elegant. The texts are all written as essays - the supreme discipline of writing!

They take up a topic from a surprising side, speculate, link information, associate, shape literary, say “I”. And yet in the end something round comes out. Every single issue amazes me at least once. The questions alone are astonishing. Examples: Is there a media history of cooking? What is a shape? Do tattoo fashions say anything about our society? How do you actually recognize art? What is a living room and why is this question important?

You can read here how to distort a topic until it is recognizable: www.merkur-zeitschrift.de.

Julian Stutz: Mother Jones

The American online magazine “Mother Jones” offers well-researched stories that often surprisingly expand the Europe-centered perspective on certain topics. It is very clearly structured visually and logically. It does contain advertising, but it is integrated quite discreetly. The cleanly implemented photo essays are particularly appealing to the eye.

The political online magazine can be found here: motherjones.com

Eveline Blohmer: transform

I fell in love with “transform”, which is great both digitally and in print. I like the way they approach each issue. There are always controversial topics, such as faith or having children, to which the editorial team attaches exciting tangents to the content and which are visually brilliant. The makers have set themselves the goal not to evangelize, but to inspire. I think they can do that by showing that you can achieve a lot with crowdfunding. They collected for the first issue via startnext.de, and readers can currently pre-order the sixth issue.

More about the magazine for the good life: transform-magazin.de

Rebekka Schramke: brand eins

I've had a subscription to brand eins for two years. I like the magazine because it simply has the best covers. No frills, always simple, but absolutely dotted. Often with a certain joke.

It's also one of the few magazines I didn't read through in an afternoon. Stories are always given the space they need and are not just superficially served for breakfast. I like the simplicity of the layout. Because I have Halligalli all day. Brand eins allows the eye to rest from time to time.

You can find out more about the business magazine here: brandeins.de