Is Malaika Arora pregnant?

What means the name Malaika and where from he comes?


Malaika means "the angel" in Arabic and Swahili (old African).

"the angel"

In Swahili: "Goddess"
Arabic: The Little Queen; Angel
Swahili: angel; Good soul

When did Malaika name day?

Name days
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Malaika in the linguistics

Length | SyllablesHyphenationEndings
7 characters 3 syllables Ma-lai-ka -laika (5) -aika (4) -ika (3) -ka (2) -a (1)
Malaika in numbers (according to ASCII-256 table)
Binary 01001101 01100001 01101100 01100001 01101001 01101011 01100001
Decimal 77 97 108 97 105 107 97
Hexadecimal 4D 61 6C 61 69 6B 61
Octal 115 141 154 141 151 153 141

Malaika in the phonetics

654 M420 MLK
Spelled Malaika
Spelling board DIN 5009 M.artha | A.nton | L.udwig | A.nton | I.there | Kaufmann | A.nton
International spelling board M.ike | A.lfa | L.ima | A.lfa | I.ndia | Kilo | A.lfa

variants from Malaika

Variants and spellings in other languages
Nicknames and nicknames
  • Laika
  • Laiki
  • Maika
  • Mala
  • Malai
  • Malaiki
  • Mali
  • Malls
  • Malli
  • Melly

Malaika in different Fonts

scriptOld German script
Foreign writings
Latin script MALAICA
Phoenician script 𐤌𐤀𐤋𐤀𐤉𐤊𐤀
Greek script Μαλαικα
Coptic script Ⲙⲁⲗⲁⲓⲕⲁ
Hebrew script מאלאיכא
Arabic writing مــاــلــاــيــكــا
Armenian script Մալաիքա
Cyrillic script Малаика
Georgian script Ⴋალაიკა
Runic script ᛘᛆᛚᛆᛁᚴᛆ
Hieroglyphic writing 𓅓𓄿𓃭𓄿𓇋𓎡𓄿

Comments on Malaika

Malaika, don't have to cry, Malaika.
Malaika, I'll be back, Malaika.
Watch the white waves come and go
they mean when I say goodbye
that we will see each other again.
Happiness and tears are often close together in life, Malaika.
Don't cry, Malaika.

I am really happy that I have this name. I was born in 1974 and was officially nameless for a year because the officer did not allow my parents to call me that. In his eyes, the name could not be assigned whether it was a girl or a boy's name. My parents went to court and I'm glad they did. Now they have nevertheless received an obligation to add a second name and after a year I got the name registered. *** Malaika-Vannina ***
I have had no disadvantages with Malaika, everyone is enthusiastic and thinks it is extraordinary, because you don't hear the name anywhere. I struggled with my middle names when I was in school, especially when there was sex education at school, but my parents raised me so strongly that it only bothered me for a short while. That's what children are like. I also had to worry very much about my daughter, because I wanted to give her an extraordinary name. Now it's called: Mailin Malaika Helene Dorothea

Here, too, this Bata is involved again. Seems to be a huge fan of Bata Illic. Like MIchaela, Malaika was a song of his.

Hello everybody! :)

I have 4 children, 2 of them by the hand and 2 in heaven .... my 1st child is a star child and when it traveled to the angels I called it Malaika because she is now an angel too and I think the name is very beautiful . :) my 2nd child my daughter is called: Angelina and she is 10 years old and the name Angelina means like Malaika "angel" so I have an angel in heaven and one on earth ....;) My 3rd child too a star child is called: Alessandro, the name means the protector and my 4th child, my son is called Justin, the name means justice! :) I am very proud of the names of my children and am amazed how many Malaika there are here I know personally only 2. My angel and a child who goes to school with my daughter also has this beautiful name. :)

Malaika, don't have to cry, Malaika.
Malaika, I'll be back, Malaika.
Watch the white waves come and go
they mean when I say goodbye
that we see each other again.
Happiness and tears are often close together in life, Malaika.
Don't cry, Malaika.

So I'm the malaika too ^ - ^
i have a second name that comes from the same origin as malaika and means the same :)) and i'm half an african i come from nigeria :)

We toyed with the idea of ​​naming our daughter Nakupenda Malaika, but because of the lack of gender characteristics, we doubted that the authorities would recognize this as a name. We finally suited ourselves to Josefine Malaika. With the name combination, the sound in connection with the surname was important to us - so it fits quite well.

I'm also a Malaika and don't like the name at all ;-)! Everyone asks what it means, how the parents came up with it, etc. Sing certain songs: -D.
Most of them call you maraika, mareike, malika or whatever kind of variation.
Terrible sometimes, the meaning of this name is nice, but otherwise I don't like it as malaika.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was looking for a name that is not taken too often and has a nice meaning.
(I think it's bad when you call a child and a total of 5 children turn around and feel spoken to)
I then came across Malaika by chance and was immediately impressed by the meaning and the sound.
When I held my daughter in my arms for the first time and looked at it, it was immediately clear to me that I couldn't have found a more appropriate name!
My little angel!
She is now 6 years old and thinks her name is great, especially because of the meaning.
Of course you are often asked where the name comes from and what it means, but you have to expect that if you choose a (relatively) rare name.
In any case, I never tire of explaining the wonderful meaning to inquisitive people!
Warm greetings to all 'angels'!

Incidentally, I have already read that Malaika means 'good spirit' in African.

I asked when I was 6 and my mother was pregnant if we could call her malaika if it was a girl ...
My mother thought it was an enlightenment from god because it means angel and I just came out of the blue with this name (I couldn't speak Arabic ...) my sister is now called Malaika ... :)
My father always sings Malaika ma cupende malaika to her ... When falling asleep :) but Malaika is Arabic ...
So I knew that it was also African but that it had the same meaning OO so we use the word Malaika in the colloquial arabic as angel ... (one often says Malak ... So for angels) but one speaks north africa too Arabic maybe that rubbed off a bit ...
I read that someone named his son Malik ... But that means king;) Malika means queen
Amira (pronounced Ämira) arabic princess is a very beautiful name I think