How long should user interviews last

Discover new functions

Should my app send a confirmation email when users register?

How should I approach a video tutorial for a responsive web app?

Using audio vocals in iOS app tutorials when onboarding

How can I explain a lack of data during an onboarding process?

User interface best practices for introducing new users

should I ask for a phone number when it is not needed?

What's a good frequency for users to embed email?

Live filter against Q and A.

The effect of displaying "wizard" style steps in a multi-step process

How long should a good onboarding experience be?

What is the term for content that is only shown to new users?

What's the best way to view options within options within options in an onboarding process?

Using the website / computer to set up the mobile app?

Does an onboarding questionnaire make sense? If so, how much is too much?

Immediate satisfaction with B2B onboarding

Display for dummy data for new user

This is how you encourage users to edit search criteria to get results

Interactions for the next step in a mobile onboarding / tutorial for "slide shows".

How can I present multiple service options to users?

How do you create onboarding logic for the first time user experience?

How do I illustrate a "UX Approved" stamp?

Onboarding suggestions for a redesigned web app?

What questions should I ask the user during the user interview to gain insights into the website overhaul?

The best way to have private invitations to games or collaborations?

Execution of usability tests on a system with an integrated system. Should users be aware of this?

Dealing with skipped onboarding tutorial

Is video onboarding a good idea?

Ordering an entitlement funnel during the application onboarding process

When is the best time to collect credentials during registration?

Cleaning up the entry of names

Airbnb: Gradual Commitment to Web Apps, But Not Mobile Apps - Why?

Usernames, display names, full names - how to get on board

Is it a good thing to delay setting up the password after signing in?

Login / register the user interface on a modal or separate page

How do I minimize onboarding steps for mobile apps when invited / added by another user?

How are different login and login options displayed (mobile app)?

How can I design a checkbox for a message / text based bot?

Is it okay to introduce subscription plans to the user while they are signing up?

How can I ask the user to fill out a short form after logging in for the first time?

How to optimize user onboarding for a no-sign-in app

How effective is logged out user profiling in terms of conversions?

How should Android's back button behave if it is unable to return to the previous screen?

mobile interface for the distribution of assets

The best way to get a user to sign in through an app

Register and get on board

What is an OK rate for unconfirmed emails?

How do I add sample content when new users join?

Email as a service, should I send confirmation emails when I sign up?

Partly register

What is the common name for this type of multi-option trip?

Log in before or after creating a listing - which is better?

Using sample data for user onboarding

Where should you land after onboarding?

When does a telephone confirmation have to be requested?

Mobile onboarding - instructions on one page instead of multiple paging

What is the name of this vertical carousel UI element?

Obtaining large amounts of information from users

What is the best practice for collecting user interest after onboarding?

Splitting the required inputs into onboarding and further steps

Center text when there are two lines but not when they are more

The best way to get on board smoothly while complying with text messaging laws

My iPhone app requires sellers to verify their email address and phone number. When should i do this?

Force users to enter an address for location-based services

Onboarding with many user profile fields - lengthy and detailed vs. short and important?

User testing with onboarding

Best practice for requiring an "access code" before the user can use the app

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