What is the purpose of high ceilings

High ceiling, low ceiling? Ceiling heights of old buildings

Do old buildings always have high ceilings?

Officially, old buildings are residential buildings that were built until 1949. Half-timbered houses are included as well as brick buildings. Ceilings and walls in old buildings are rarely made of concrete, as this material did not become the standard building material until after World War II.

Housing advertisements referring to old buildings often refer to buildings in the city with high ceilings. These representative buildings date from the Wilhelminian era or Art Nouveau era. The room height is often three to four meters. The exact opposite can be found in half-timbered houses or old farmhouses, namely extremely low ceilings not much more than 2 m high.

Is there a minimum room height?

In Germany, the minimum height of living spaces is determined differently depending on the federal state. It is between 2.20 m and 2.40 m. There are individually defined exceptions for attic floors and other alternative living spaces. Most of the houses built after 1950 have a ceiling height of 2.40 m to 2.50 m.

Advantages and disadvantages of low rooms

Low rooms have advantages: they can be easily heated and create a cozy living atmosphere. However, they often have small windows, which means that they can be rather dark.

Advantages and disadvantages of high rooms

High ceilings make the rooms appear spacious and open. The windows are also often very large and let a lot of light into the room. This increases the living comfort. The disadvantage is the intense heating. As is well known, warm air rises in the air. In high rooms, the heat collects where it is never needed, and at most warms the floor on the floor above. A lot of energy is lost in this way.

Measures against heat loss

If the rooms are too high for you, you can reduce the room height, for example with a suspended ceiling. You determine the exact size. If you want or need to maintain the room height, for example because the ceiling is decorated with stucco and is a listed building, you can still save energy by insulating the old building.

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