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Googleplex is that Google headquarters and the resulting system. The site is located in the USA, in the state of California, and with its 4 main buildings occupies an area of ​​47,038 square meters. The address of the Googleplex is 1600 Amphitheater Parkway in the city of Mountain View, Santa Clara County and is one of the largest resident technology companies along with Mozilla and Microsoft.

Google took over the site in its original form in 2003 and moved it to the Silicon Graphics company. Bay View is currently under construction as an extension of Googleplex and should be completed by 2015. The naming Googleplex is made up of several allusions and references.

Googleplex is the workplace and living space for more than 8,000 employees the company. The system is not a pure working environment, but contains numerous facilities for supplying and entertaining employees. The structure of Googleplex is often described as atypical for a company headquarters, as it is characterized by a very free-spirited and playful atmosphere.

The term “Googleplex” is a combination of Google and complex. At the same time it refers to the supercomputer "Googleplex Star Thinker" from Douglas Adams ‘novel" The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "and Googolplex, a term for the number 10 to the power of 10 to the power of 100.

Googleplex: location and development

Google originally took over the grounds and facilities that made up Googleplex from technology company Silicon Graphics. The company leased the facility in 2003 and acquired it for $ 319 million in 2006.

The layout Googleplex as a corporate and work environment was designed by architect Clive Wilkinson and is designed to implement Google's demands and mentality in the buildings. The originally rented area of ​​the site, the SGI Campus, is built around four core buildings. The architectural redesign of the building complex based on Google's ideas was completed in 2005.

With the purchase of the entire site in 2006, the Google Campus was added as a wider area around the Googleplex. Google has recently acquired Bay View as an additional site and plans to expand the company's headquarters there by 2015.

Googleplex represents the workplace for over 8,000 employees of the company and its design philosophy is based on a cooperative and open atmosphere that has little to do with the usual business ambience of a company building.

As the location and working environment Cooperation and creative design at the heart of googleplex. Employees share workspaces in small groups instead of being housed in their own offices or open-plan offices. The design of the office space treads the fine line between integrated togetherness and the necessary distance.

For Bay View, the new area of ​​Googleplex, is one of the design goals to arrange every employee within a maximum of 2.5 minutes from others. In addition to unconventional structures, the facilities on the SGI and Google campuses are especially designed for this. Sports facilities, swimming pools, cafeterias and canteens form a large part of the infrastructure.

In the facility, Google attaches great importance to the quality and choosing the food that is one of the free benefits of their job for employees. Innovation is also very important to buildings and infrastructure. Google is investing across the site in the installation of solar systems and bicycles are the dominant means of transport in the Googleplex. The company provides a shuttle bus for employees from nearby San Francisco.

Facilities in Googleplex

The center of Googleplex is on 47,038 square feet around the four main buildings of the facility. Buildings 40 to 43 contain central tasks such as administration and reception areas. The SGI campus houses a larger area of ​​110,000 square meters for the office facilities and the company's campus.

The original construction of the site and its facilities goes back to 1997. Due to the planning of underground parking spaces, the entrance area and company headquarters are calm and have large fountains and green spaces, although space is available for almost 2,000 vehicles. The premises were the headquarters of the technology company Silicon Graphics, whose abbreviation today gives the SGI campus its name.

Silicon Graphics is best known for the graphics and animations in the movie Jurassic Park. Today the statue of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is located in the entrance area of ​​the Googleplex, still reminds of the former owner.

The area of ​​the Google Campus is the first 2006 with the full purchase was acquired by the company. The facilities are mostly made up of flat buildings with a few floors, but spread out over the area. This design gives the environment a calm and natural atmosphere.

The interior furnishings of the office and company buildings include lava lamps and exercise balls as seating. Most of the utility and leisure facilities are housed in this area of ​​the Googleplex. Laundromats, sports facilities (e.g. swimming pools, golf and tennis courts) and 18 canteens can be found here.

The structure offers numerous employees of the company Development opportunities and opportunities to attend to their physical and mental needs without leaving company premises. Since employees in projects and developer roles often cannot leave their workplace for longer periods of time or are bound to irregular working hours, this infrastructure is absolutely essential.

They even provide employees with free haircuts at the in-house hair salon. The largest number of solar cells are also installed on the vast Google Campus. In total, the installations generate over 1.6 megawatts of electricity. In total, the complex consists of more than 20 buildings.

Expansion and further locations of Googleplex

In addition to the scope of Googleplex in the strictest sense, there are other noteworthy company facilities in Mountain View that are located in the immediate vicinity of the company's headquarters. The Quad is a third campus that is also in the area. The facility is less than 5 kilometers from Googleplex. Apart from that, the so-called is less than 1 kilometer from the actual system Google X Lab.

The work area of ​​the building is led by Sergey Brin, a co-founder of Google. The facility has nothing to do with the former online platform Google Labs. The distance between Googleplex and the X Lab is bridged by the company's bicycles. Compared to the architecture of the Googleplex, the X Lab building is inconspicuous from the outside.

Google X Lab is the facility where the company's developers and engineers work with a multitude of experimental technology projects work. The more than 100 projects include Google Glass and a driverless, independently navigating car.

The facility holds the status of a secret laboratory and mad science in media reports and narratives. In addition to publicly presented and demonstrated projects such as Google Glass and Car, there are reports, for example, of experiments on autonomous learning with neural networks and orbital lifts.

Since 2013, Google has been in the process of expanding its corporate headquarters with another facility. The new site, called “Bay View”, is to occupy an area of ​​102,193 square meters and will be completed in 2015. The expansion of the campus makes the Googleplex larger than the Google facilities in New York City. The construction has an estimated cost of 120 million US dollars and follows the same basic principles as the previous system. One of the design goals for the new facilities is not to distance any employee more than 2.5 minutes' walk from another colleague.

In contrast to previous construction projects, Bay View is not about remodeling and renovating an existing facility, but rather a complete one New building. Upon completion, the 9 four-story buildings will be the largest office complex in the United States. The architecture office NBBJ is responsible for the construction of the extension.