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North Korea and China are moving closer together

North Korea's state media reported that ruler Kim Jong Un had consulted with Chinese President Xi Jinping about problems in the world and the region. China and North Korea agreed to deepen mutual relations. In view of "serious and complex changes in the international and regional situation", this is in the interests of both sides.

After direct talks with Kim, Xi praised the relations between the two states at a large state banquet, as China's state news agency Xinhua reported. Beijing is ready for a "bright future" in bilateral relations. The visit opened "a new and great chapter" in the friendship between North Korea and China.

China's President Xi Jinping (center left) and North Korea's ruler Kim Jong Un in conversation with their wives

The North Korean media did not, however, go into the nuclear talks with the USA. The second summit between Kim and US President Donald Trump failed in Vietnam at the end of February. Both sides could not agree on the central issue of North Korea's nuclear disarmament.

Continue talks on disarmament

According to reports from the Chinese broadcaster CCTV, Xi called on the governments of North Korea and the US to resume negotiations. He said to Kim that the international community generally hoped that both countries would provide results. According to the report, Kim continues to see the US first. Kim was quoted as saying that he has not yet received a positive response from the "relevant party".

The Chinese news agency Xinhua also spread a statement from Xi that the leaderships of China and North Korea agreed that a political solution to the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula was an inevitable development and that peace talks should be maintained.

Cultural mass event in a stadium in honor of Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping's two-day state visit to North Korea shows the improvement in relations between the two traditionally allies. No Chinese president has been to visit the isolated neighboring country for 14 years. The first few years after Kim Jong Uns came to power at the end of 2011 were marked by a noticeable cooling of the relationship. With its nuclear and missile tests, Pyongyang also angered Beijing more and more.

Kim had given his guest a pompous reception. In the capital Pyongyang, hundreds of thousands of people greeted the Chinese delegation with flags and flowers. On Thursday evening, according to North Korean reports, Kim gave a banquet in honor of the guest. Later both saw a mass cultural performance in Pyongyang.

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