What can a beginner do with C.

Learning to program for beginners with C

Learning to program for beginners with C

Anyone can learn programming, even beginners, it is not that difficult. This is to be shown using the programming language C. This language is quite simple in its basic structure, but offers endless possibilities. Almost anything can be programmed in C. Even Windows and Linux were written in C. All kinds of software and hardware can be programmed with C. C offers a secure foundation that opens many doors. The basic knowledge is C, which can be deepened for special programming directions such as hardware, Linux, Windows, Internet programming.

How do I start programming?

A good and free read is the C manual called C-HowTo. On the website you can acquire the knowledge yourself with easily understandable explanations. The steps are explained in detail, there are pictures and many understandable programming examples.

Start with the free C manual “C-HowTo”: Start C tutorial

What do I do if I have questions or problems?

The author is at your side if you have any questions about programming in C, especially if you have problems with the examples in the manual. You can send your question here: Questions, help and contact.

You can also post your concerns about programming in C in a forum. This does not cost you anything and help usually comes very quickly. The C-Plusplus forum, which of course also has a C department, is very good. You will also find many other useful links and help material.

C-Plusplus forum: C-PlusPlus.de forum for C / C ++ programming

I want a good C manual!

Reading on topic C is a dime a dozen, which only complicates the selection of suitable works. However, the free C-HowTo distinguishes itself from the rest of the reading with its loose writing style and special explanatory examples from the real world.

Another plus point: With the C-HowTo, you don't buy a pig in a poke, you can test-read the entire content on the website. The first chapter is also available as a free PDF download. So you only buy if you like the content!

Further information on the book: Order C manual

More information and photos from the C-HowTo

Here is a picture of the print version. With 155 pages in DIN A4, the C manual covers everything you need to get started with C programming.