What is 30 out of 2 kg

... are the heart and pillar of the "Beluga sand therapy".
They distribute weight and pressure over the entire area to the muscle and stress sensors and thus lead to a significant increase in cognitive performance. They are suitable for therapy or as a therapy supplement for many clinical pictures in almost all age groups, from premature babies to advanced seniors.

Sleep disturbances or restless phases can be positively influenced in this way. The possibilities of the Range of application are versatile. General stress, ADHD, autism, trisomy 21, mental and physical disabilities, strokes, coma patients, beginning or advanced dementia are the main areas of application.

Due to the tested quality of the raw materials, the blankets are unreservedly suitable for allergy sufferers. Our special knitted fabric is regularly tested for skin tolerance at the Fresenius Institute.


The practical little blanket can be used very flexibly. For example on the lap to calm the legs, to weigh down individual parts of the body, for games or other applications.

Please note: weight blankets should only be used under supervision.

Why a beluga blanket?

+ even weight distribution
+ Special textile with pressure distributing properties
+ breathable and easy to care for
+ lifetime guarantee on the durability of the seams
+ tested raw materials and high-quality, German processing
+ therapeutic support from our network partners