What motivated you to learn

15 tips to motivate you while learning

Are you worried that you will lose interest while learning a language and run out of breath? If you sometimes find it difficult to keep up with learning a language and maintain your initial motivation to learn, don't give up:

We at Jicki know this well enough and have therefore put together the best motivational tips for you so that you don't stop learning languages ​​in the middle.

1. Believe in yourself

The most important thing for your motivation to learn: Believe in yourself. Trust that you will be able to speak your new language and achieve your set learning goals. It is important that you focus only on yourself while learning and that you do not compare yourself to other learners.

Everyone has their own pace of learning and their individual talents. Always keep in mind what you've already achieved - that's guaranteed to motivate you!

2. Implement the Pareto principle

Do you see the huge mountain of learning material in front of you and ask yourself before you start learning how you should cope with all of this? Then the Pareto principle will definitely help you: It says that targeted time planning is the be-all and end-all.

You internalize 80% of the learning material by spending only 20% of your time and energy. The remaining 20% ​​of the subject matter is just perfection and trivialities that you as a learner don't need to know yet.

So what's your next step? Create your personal learning list, sorted according to importance and urgency, and use it as a guide when learning. In this way every mountain of learning material, no matter how large, becomes clear and feasible.

3. Set achievable and realistic goals

Everyone starts small. Language skills grow with practice and perseverance and cannot be achieved from 0 to 100 within a week. Don't expect to be able to speak fluent English or Spanish after a week.

It is important for your motivation to learn that you achievable and realistic goals puts. Otherwise you will quickly feel overwhelmed by the amount of learning, let the language learning drag and possibly hang it up altogether.

So: think about milestones and ask yourself what you want to achieve today. Write it down and then put a nice big tick behind it - that will be a great feeling and increase your motivation while learning, I promise!

4. Organize your time

Do you combine learning with hours of drumming until late at night? Then it is time for that thought to vanish in your head. Because each person can only concentrate a maximum of 4 hours a day. Every additional hour that you study on this day is not profitable, as you can no longer absorb the rest of the learning material.

Therefore, divide your daily study time well:

If an important exam is coming up soon, learn in small stages. Work for about 1.5 hours, then enjoy a 30-minute break with a delicious cappuccino and then continue learning.

If there is no exam pending, when learning a language it is completely sufficient if you only study for 30 minutes at a time and then take a break.

Your 4 hours of pure study time are over? Enjoy your evening after work and recharge your energy reserves for the next day.

5. Schedule rewards

Who doesn't love to be rewarded? Therefore Make yourself happy when you have achieved your previously set learning goal. You will notice that you stay motivated and that you work through your self-created to-do list consistently and full of anticipation when you know that a reward is waiting for you later.

After a successful learning unit, treat yourself to a scoop of ice cream in your favorite ice cream parlor or watch your favorite film in the evening with a clear conscience after your work is done. If you have achieved all the small goals and speak a language almost fluently, you could also reward yourself with a city trip to Rome or Barcelona.

6. Learn with fun and joy

You can always find a small time slot in your calendar for your hobbies, right? Then try to see learning languages ​​as a hobby and as a real added value for you.

While you are climbing the mountain on your racing bike, you certainly don't have any thoughts on how Man, is that time consuming and exhausting.

The focus is on fun and joy, so try to get exactly this feeling from time to time while learning. You can do this by learning vocabulary in a playful way or by showing yourself why you are learning the language. Because if you learn with positive emotions, you will not perceive learning as an effort, but as a relaxed and enjoyable leisure activity.

7. Find suitable learning partners or a study group

Do you feel alone while learning a language? Would you like a little help while you study and someone who shares your grief with some tricky grammar rules?

Then look for allieswho are also currently learning your new language. Together you can encourage each other and build each other up if everything doesn't go as planned. Since you certainly all have different strengths, you can also help each other with learning.

Learning together increases the motivation to learn immensely.

8. Reflect on your learning steps

Are you currently in a little slack and have the feeling that you are not yet able to speak as much of your new language as you would like? Then write down what you have already learned.

You will notice that it is not that little at all. Be proud of yourself and be happy about what you've already achieved. Try to see each topic as a building block with which you can create something big together with many other building blocks - speaking your new language!