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Detergent test 2021

An overview of recommended detergents

If you wash by hand, you need a good detergent. Pots, pans, dishes and cutlery can be cleaned quickly and effectively. Products that have a high proportion of surfactants have a good cleaning performance. The more, the easier it is for everything to be neatly clean. In the compatibility test, pH-neutral detergents, which are recommended for sensitive skin, are particularly convincing. In our product table you can easily find the most suitable detergent for you, which you can order directly here and use for cleaning the next rinse.

The best dishwashing detergent in 2021

Choose a detergent that is as effective as possible, but environmentally friendly.

Washing by hand is the only alternative to the dishwasher. So that you don't waste too much time washing up, invest in a good product.

With a powerful dishwashing detergent or hand washing-up liquid cleaning is particularly quick. But there are also particularly gentle varieties that are gentle on the skin and therefore suitable for sensitive skin types.

You will find a large range of detergents in stores, but not all detergents convince with their good cleaning performance. In addition to the proportion of washing-active substances, there are a few other factors that if you choose a liquid dish detergent. Which are and What other tips you should pay attention to when washing up, shows you our purchase advice.

There are detergents with different surfactant concentrations

Concentrate is very effective

The detergent concentrate contains most of the detergent surfactants. You only need to add a few drops to the water to effectively clean your dishes. The price is a little higher than simple detergents, but it is all the more productive.

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Unconcentrated detergent contains fewer surfactants

Significantly fewer surfactants are contained in normal dishwashing detergents, most of which are commercially available. You have to add a little more of this to the water in order to get a good cleaning performance. The slightly lower price is advantageous.

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Mild washing-up liquid is available for sensitive skin

If you do not tolerate detergent well, because it irritates your skin, you can also use a product labeled "Sensitive". This contains additional nourishing ingredients, which provide light skin protection.

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If you do not want any direct contact with the detergent, you can alternatively wear rubber gloves when washing up.

Advantages and disadvantages of the different types of detergents

Still uncertain, which detergent is the right choice for you is? Here you can see them all again Advantages and disadvantages summarized.

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Washing-up liquid artadvantagesdisadvantage
Concentrate detergent
  • Ultra fat dissolving
  • Surfactant content 25 to 40%
  • Powerful cleaning
  • Very economical
  • May irritate skin
  • A bit expensive
Classic washing-up liquid
  • Good cleaner
  • Surfactant content from 10 to 25%
  • Cheaper
  • Can easily irritate the skin
  • Less productive
Sensitive detergent
  • Low surfactant content
  • Particularly gentle on the skin
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin
  • More environmentally friendly
  • A bit expensive
  • Less cleaning power

The most important information: ingredients, quantity, fragrance, accessories, pH value and other criteria

The main points you Note when buying a detergent should be found here in the summary.

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Pay attention to the ingredients

With a dish soap you can remove leftovers from all cooking accessories, but it is also suitable for cleaning. In addition to washing-active surfactants, it often also contains Preservatives, enzymes and fragrances. With some varieties still come caring components to.

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A real washing-up liquid comparison winner cleans effectively, is gentle on the skin and very economical.

Quantity and price vary

There are little bottles that only about 100 to 200 milliliters Rinse fluid included. This is perfect for on the go if you only want to take a little washing-up liquid with you when traveling or camping. For at home, however, you can also use a larger pack, which is often cheaper in comparison. Compare the price per 100 milliliters, to find the cheapest product.

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There are detergents with different scents

There is a large selection of fragrances, so that you will surely find your favorite fragrance too. Some smell neutral, others again fruity, for example apple, lime, lemon or orange. Fresh scents with ginger or aloe vera are also available.

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With the right accessories, everything will be nice and clean

Accessory Artdescription
Bottle brushBottles and glasses are easier to clean with a bottle brush.
Pot spongeOn the other hand, pots and pans can be cleaned of food residues with a coarse pot sponge.

Danger: You must not use these sponges on coated pans as they would scratch the coating.

Dish sponge / dishclothA normal dishcloth or sponge is usually sufficient for plates and cutlery as well as simple soiling.

An organic dish soap is better for the environment

Are in an organic dish soap contain more natural and biodegradable substances. If an environmentally friendly detergent is important to you for cleaning your dishes, you should choose the organic version.

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A designer pump dispenser delivers the product in an optimally dosed manner, so that you don't add too much agent to the water.

A pH-neutral washing-up liquid is gentle on the skin

ph-neutral variants are extra gentle on the skin.

In order not to damage the skin's natural protective acid mantle, there are pH-neutral detergents. These are particularly gentle and especially suitable for sensitive skin. A pH-neutral value means that the product neither alkaline nor acidic is.

If you suffer from a corresponding allergy, you should wash up Use protective gloves or buy a dishwasher.

FAQ: important questions and answers about detergent

Why does detergent destroy surface tension?

In clear water, the individual water molecules attract each other. Then soap is added however, this connection is broken and the soap pushes itself between the molecules. This process reduces or interrupts the surface tension, which is important for cleaning.

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Which washing-up liquid is not lipid-replenishing?

If you're looking for a non-moisturizing dish soap, you should choose a pH-neutral variant. This is suitable because of its properties also ideal for cleaning eyeglass lenses, since no greasy film remains on the glass. In addition, a pH-neutral detergent is extra gentle on the skin, so it is also suitable for people with a sensitive skin type.

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Where can you buy detergent?

Classic washing-up liquid and washing-up gel are available in every supermarket, in the drugstore and of course also in a very large selection online. Especially if you are looking for certain organic products or sensitive detergents, this is the The selection online is often much greater than in the on-site shop.

You can also use our table with a detergent comparison, to find out more quickly which product is currently considered to be the best or cheapest detergent for us. Then simply order directly from the tablethe right home remedy to clean your dishes even more effectively in the future.

Read a detergent test by Stiftung Warentest here.

The best manufacturers and brands in tests

Choose a branded product for optimal washing results.

Some good dish detergents to try include the following. In the practical test, too, they often do well to very well.

  • Fairy
  • Akuta
  • W5
  • Dawn
  • Fit
  • frog
  • Pril
  • Somat
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