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Game consoles comparison 2021

It is very difficult to choose a game console test winner on BILD.de, because, as I said, the Nintendo consoles serve a completely different target group. The The difference between Playstation and Xbox, however, is marginal and more a question of belief than a question of better technology.

First of all, you should know if terrific graphics and the latest games are important to you or whether it's more of a family fun. The high-end consoles from Sony and Microsoft have a larger range of games and are technically far superior to Nintendo devices.

The Stiftung Warentest actually carried out a game console test once - but in 2000. The comparison on BILD.de is of course much more up-to-date.

3.1. Graphics is everything - right?

The graphics are generally considered to be the decisive reference for the quality of game consoles. Both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One can display games in full HD and even 3D. The upgrade versions PS4 Pro and One X even create 4K resolution.

With the Switch, on the other hand, Full HD is over. Please always note, however, that the actual graphics depend not only on the console, but also on the television and the respective game. The gaming experience can only be presented in this way if all three components allow full HD, 3D or 4K gaming.

Incidentally, Sony's Playstation also supports it Virtual reality games with VR glasses, while Microsoft has spoken out against this technology on consoles. The Nintendo Switch cannot display VR for technical reasons.

3.2. When it comes to hardware, Microsoft is slightly ahead

As for the components, there is some differences between PS4 and Xbox One. Both have one in the latest version 1 TB hard drive space, a optical drive for CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays as powerful processors and memory.

However, the Xbox One X scores through faster processor performance and more RAMwhich is definitely noticeable in the latest titles.

3.3. The type of controller is a matter of getting used to

Game console controllers are always trademarks of their respective brands. Getting used to it is therefore not easy for many gamers.

The Xbox controller, for example, is less suitable for large hands because the shoulder buttons are difficult to reach. As a handheld, the Switch is rather compact, which can also be problematic.

3.4. The game console in the test as a multimedia center

If you want to not only play games with your game console, but also watch movies, stream and listen to music, then PS4 or Xbox One are more likely.

Both have a Blu-Ray drive and a wide range of products Apps for numerous multimedia functions.

In addition to games, you can also buy films and music albums in the respective shops.

3.5. Many game titles are exclusive to certain consoles

The selection of games for consoles is very large, but can vary depending on the brand. Important titles from independent publishers such as EA's FIFA are always available for all consoles.

But the console manufacturers also commission their own games, which then only do it exclusively for the respective platform there - such as Nintendo's figurehead Super Mario. If you want to play motion games on game consoles, either the Nintendo Wii or the Xbox with Kinect is recommended.

In both cases the Control via sensors and enables fun games with full physical effort. Sony's Move Motion is left behind in comparison.