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Translated from the Swedish by Birgitta Kicherer. Disrespectful but full of humor, Pernilla Stalfelt treats her topic from many sides: She looks at the shape (tenons, sausage, screws), the color (for example after enjoying beetroot), the consistency. This leads to diarrhea and later constipation. She compares horse droppings, cow dung and elephant heaps and that jewelry can be made from elk droppings will surprise some. She explains how toilets work and that there used to be outhouses in the country. Child learns that poop can turn into fertilizer, that houses are built with it in Africa and how important diapers are for babies! And she gives suggestions for a puppet theater. Her daily dealings with children make the author sensitive to their interests and needs and is an indispensable basis for such unusual book projects.

Review note on Die Zeit, 02/16/2006

Reviewer Sabine Sütterlin has recorded this book by the cultural scientist Pernilla Stalfelt as a happy collection of anarchic fantasies. It captures the disgust and fascination that emanates from human legacies the author designed what an apartment would look like if there were no diapers, or put on puppy theater.