What email do Twitter employees use

Why don't you start with your own software? Does it fit you exactly or was it adapted for you? Can your article change, take offline, delete? Can the author and who else do that?

Does one operating system allow all changes to be carried out on its own or is there something like a four-eyes principle, i.e. the changes are only accepted after confirmation of a second? How was that with Snowden? The safest system would be one that enters changes in a list and these are only adopted after confirmation - but why does nobody do that? Effort against service and usability - especially since you would expose yourself as a "manufacturer" if you did something that the customer should not necessarily see or it could scare him off?

You also have to consider in your considerations how capable a company would like to remain itself and not become a slave to its software, because processes are viewed higher than logic.

Inspection and changes to the data are actually subject to every customer service / customer service, only you can control how far you log the reasons and calls for it.

If that is the way to go, services are to be viewed as applications, and then nobody has access to them except for the application itself. Anything that differs must be imported via update.

And employees usually do not commit crimes out of greed, but because of the corporate culture and emotional reasons such as failed promotion, oppression or other motives that are against the grouping of "companies".