Should you change yourself for a guy

Why you shouldn't try to change your guy

"I love my partner, but ..." Almost all women know this "but".

But while most women simply accept small quirks or quirks in their partner or get used to them over time, there are also women who try to change their partner.

Some even start a relationship with a man whose character or habits they do not like at all in the hope of being able to change the partner.

Find out why this is not a good idea in this blog post.

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If you are one of these women, you should learn to live with the little quirks of your partner.

Or try to find a partner who corresponds to your ideas, instead of trying to "shape" your partner according to your wishes and ideas.

"What about little things?"

Of course there are little things, like tidying up, that a partner can learn ... But these are not meant here when it comes to wanting to change his partner.

Rather, it is the big things that can cause your relationship to fail when you try to change your partner.

The most famous example of this is the "womanizer".

Many women dream of taming such a guy and then having a happy relationship that they will all envy.

Here, however, you shouldn't be under any illusions, because a womanizer will remain a womanizer until he is ready to end this lifestyle and look for a steady partner.

If he's not ready yet, the attempt to change him will only end in lovesickness for you as soon as he quickly looks for a new affair or cheats on you.

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That's why "Casanovas" are really only a good choice if you only want an affair yourself.

Because this type of man is only suitable for a steady partnership if you have decided yourself to leave this lifestyle behind.

We're already happy together, but some things are just super annoying ...

It can be much more difficult when you are in a relationship and you don't like certain character traits of your friend (anymore).

If he has very close contact with his mother and it bothers you because you have the feeling that you are in a relationship with him and his mother, trying to change this behavior will become very frustrating.

Because on the one hand the mother has the feeling that you are against her, while your friend quickly has the feeling of sitting between chairs and having to make a decision.

While it may well be that he chooses you, this topic will likely come up with every argument and thus cast a shadow over the relationship.

So if you know that a "mother's boy" is not for you, you should better avoid this type of man when it comes to a relationship.

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He has annoying traits ...

Another example of the fact that trying to change someone is not a good idea is to be in a relationship with someone who has a trait you just can't stand.

Whether this is greed, irascibility or laziness does not matter at first.

All of these traits have become so entrenched from childhood through adulthood that it will be almost impossible to ever change them.

In addition, your partner may not want to change at all and will be quick get the feeling that you don't love him for who he iswhich can become a big problem in the relationship in the long run.

Furthermore, the attempt can also be very frustrating for you ... Very few people will really change, they tend to pretend.

However, this won't last long, so both parties will end up dissatisfied. Therefore, when you get to know a potential new partner, you should better see whether you like all of his characteristics.

If there is something that you know you can't handle, you'd better leave it with an acquaintance and keep looking for a partner who you really like 100%.

Don't try to change your partner ...

Maybe you are trying to change your partner and realize that things are not going as you hoped and your partner is pulling away from you.

There can be a very simple reason for this. Because once you try to put yourself in his shoes, you will quickly notice that it really doesn't feel good when someone you love tries to change you.

If it's really just small things that bother you, you should try to come to terms with them.

And if you think about it more closely and look at your own behavior, you will quickly notice that you too have peculiarities that can be annoying or bizarre for your partner, but which he accepts because he loves you .

That's why you should try to ignore these little things and rather focus on all the positive traits that your partner has so that you can lead a happy relationship.

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