Should be a non-Tamil KGF watching

On Sunday December 19th we came to KGF for a charity day organized by Prabhu. Prabhu organizes such a day every Christmas. He distributes a new sari and a meal to around 50 selected women who come from poor backgrounds. This year we also gave a small part of the donation money to support it.

Since exams are currently being written in our school in Krishnagiri and we can't do that much, we stayed in KGF until Monday evening and I was finally able to go back to my old school and say goodbye.
After the charity event, I went to town to get pens, erasers, and candy. There was great joy in the stationery shop when I started to order around 80 of each of them. In the evening we packed the 80 bags so that each child receives an eraser, a pencil, an ink pen, two colored pencils and something sweet, including a small bag of German gummy bears. It was very important to me to say goodbye again, because I have grown fond of them and unfortunately it wasn't so nice that I just switched schools without really saying goodbye. I also knew that I bring great joy to the children who don't have much else.

The next morning, when the other volunteers had gone to their school or the hospital, Marie and I went to my old E.T Block school. The headmistress and the children were very happy to see me again and asked me how I was doing, where I was now, how the volunteers from the old group were doing and of course whether I had already eaten.

And for me it was nice to see the kids again and to deal with them a bit.

At the same time a child was sent with 10 rupees to buy a bag of me and coffee powder so that the cooks could make coffee for us. In the meantime I looked into the other two classes, where the joy was no less great. It was nice to be with the little cheeky children again and to greet them with the old insider check or just chat a little with him.


It was also noticed that the Gouvermant painter was there. Every Gouvermant school has colorful learning pictures or tables such as the 1x1 as a paint job outside and partly inside. When we renovated the school, we were only allowed to paint it one color and now the official painter has come and painted the pictures, they look great! The school looks much friendlier and somehow more qualitative with the colorful learning pictures.

After drinking coffee, the headmistress called all the children together in front of the school, unfortunately only half of the children were there today because of the cold weather recently (just under 20 ° C). The children were first put in a photo position and before I could say anything, a group photo had to be taken. Then I gave my “big” speech in which I explained why and where I am at the moment and I thanked them for the great time I had with them. Madam translated it again into Tamil so that all children would understand. Now I distributed the sachets and the joy was huge!

First of all, of course, they attacked the candies. But with these children, I am sure that they will be happy about the writing materials and will benefit from them for a long time. Something like a pencil is something special for them, because families can't just keep buying a new one, they take care of their pencils like a treasure. The pencil is written down to the last centimeter.

Then each child thanked me individually and it was time I had to say goodbye for good.