How can I convince customers

Authentic Selling: With these 10 tips you will convince every customer

Salespeople have to get customers excited about themselves and their offer. The easiest way for them to do this is to treat them as openly and genuinely as friends.

The comparability of the products increases - in almost all industries. That is why the future belongs to emotional selling, which appeals to the mind and the heart of the customer alike. The more a salesperson is convincing as a person, the more trust is created by the customer. This also makes the offer more attractive.

People love and trust brands or “real types”. Therefore sellers should be authentic. Otherwise they will not pass the credibility check that customers subconsciously always submit to salespeople: Does the voice fit? Is the look right? How is the eye contact? Do you feel any interest? All of these factors influence whether the customer trusts a seller and treats him politely at a distance or openly and amicably.

Appeal to the hearts and minds of customers

But what can salespeople do to become friends in the mind of the customer? How can he speak to his heart? Quite simply: through emotional selling. That means first of all appearing authentically, making yourself recognizable in order to be tangible and special for the customer as a person - with all corners and edges.

Emotional selling is easy when you understand how you behave when you are in contact with your best friends. Here are ten tips on how you can win (not yet) customers as friends.

1. Be authentic

Before you talk to a customer, get yourself in a top mood. Because then you are automatically credible and genuine.

2. Feel sympathy

Get an attractive picture of your customers in their heads - this has a positive influence on your thinking and behavior.

3. Be noticeably attentive

Look forward to the customer, seek a personal conversation and look them in the eye. Pay attention to his mood; what if it's negative? Then speak up calmly. Also tell the customer that you enjoy working and communicating with them.

4. Show genuine interest

Friends care about each other. So ask yourself questions. For example, ask your customers how they are doing, what they have experienced, what they are planning, what they are feeling - just like your personal friends. Then you never need to train "questioning technique" again.

5. Be curious about people

See and pay attention to the person behind the customer. What peculiarities, characteristics, preferences, interests does he have? And address these points too. Because everyone wants to be perceived and valued as a person. That is a motive in life that we all strive for.

6. Write personal emails

How do you write to your friends? In your emails to you it is sure not to say “Dear…” and “Kind regards”. So choose other formulations in the individual mails to your customers. And include at least one personal sentence or a very personal statement or question in every email.

7. Make emotional calls

Every phone call with your friend "customer" should be an experience that he looks forward to. And every phone call should also have the goal of laughing together at least once and talking about a private topic.

8. Do a little more

Friends do friendship services. Think about it: what can I do for my customers that salespeople can't do otherwise? For example, a call from time to time "just like that" - with no immediate intention to sell. Or a personal email about vacation or weekend. That works!

9. Be an advisor and supporter

Give your customer advice or personal assistance - even if you don't benefit directly from it. Because that shows the customer that you are a real friend who cares about their well-being.

10. Recommend the customer

Why always only ask customers for recommendations? Tell your customer that you would like to recommend them to others. After all, you are interested in its success. So, as a friend, you should actively support him in this.

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Ingo Vogel, Esslingen, is a rhetoric and sales trainer. He is considered the expert in emotional selling. In September, Gabal Verlag published his latest book Top Emotional Selling: The 7 Secrets of Top Sellers.