Jokes aside, Trump is a Russian agent

Ex CIA chief warns: is Donald Trump a Russian agent?

The former director of the CIA used heavy artillery against Donald Trump in a comment in the "New York Times". The allegation that the Republican presidential candidate has no experience of national security issues is one of the less surprising statements. Michael J. Morell, who worked for the CIA for 33 years, warns American voters urgently about the eccentric billionaire. According to the former head of the secret service, Trump would be a "weak and even dangerous military leader". And it gets even more explosive: Morell thinks Donald Trump had Vladimir Putin turn him into an "unsuspecting Russian agent".

The Russian President, who used to be a KGB agent, would have made Donald Trump his willing instrument. "As a former intelligence officer, President Putin was trained to identify and exploit personal weaknesses," writes the ex-CIA director. And this is exactly the method that Putin would have used during the primaries with Donald Trump. He would have complimented the eccentric and Trump would have reacted exactly as expected: He publicly expressed his respect for the Russian President and repeatedly complimented Putin over the past few weeks. Most recently, he said that once he was elected, he hoped Putin would like him.

For Morell, the matter is clear - in his estimation Donald Trump has already taken political positions that are more in line with Putin's opinion than with American interests. "In intelligence circles one would say: Mr Putin has recruited Mr Trump as an unsuspecting Russian agent," the former head of the CIA said in his comment.

Image copyright: Evan Vucci / dpa / AP Photo