Why all good things happen after a breakup

10 things that are normal after a breakup

Whether you part for a good or a bad - when a relationship breaks up, it is generally not comfortable for any of the parties involved and the emotions it creates could be overwhelming. From anger to sadness to longing - The following ten phases are probably going through everyone in the first time as a new single. We help you to understand and have your feelings better the best tips to make the post-breakup phase a little easier ...

1. You wonder if you made the right decision

Much in life is related to our relationships - where we live, friends and hobbies, for example. Then when you part with the person you associate with all of this, the question can quickly arise whether that was the right decision or whether you made a huge mistake. The fact is that no separation happens without a reason and you usually do not break up a relationship spontaneously or carelessly. So when you have doubts about your decision, Don't be fooled by the fact that you miss your ex or your life has suddenly changed, but rather remember the real reasons that led to the separation in the first place. Only when you find a solution to these problems should you seriously consider reversing the decision.

2. You can't stop thinking about your ex

How is he doing right now? What is he doing now? Is he sad too? Does he miss me Does he need my help? Since you bonded a lot with your ex, it is completely normal that you do not suddenly care about him after the breakup. To get over it, you should still try to get other thoughts: Meet up with friends, do sports, or learn a new hobby. So you distract yourself at least temporarily and prevent you from getting stuck with him.

3. You are looking for a scapegoat

If two split up, is one the culprit? Clearly: that doesn't always have to be the case! Even so, we tend to either place the blame for the failure of a relationship on ourselves or clearly blame the other person. Sure, if one has cheated on the other, that is also completely legal, but in many cases both are responsible for the failure and The blame only creates a bad mood, stress, and bad rumors. Just try to accept the situation for what it is instead of reading into it something that might not be right.

4. You are tired, listless, and strained

A breakup is overwhelming, overwhelming and exhausting. A hundred emotions come over us at once, many of which we feel for the first time. The time after the relationship ends is far from easy, so it is completely normal to be exhausted. Just don't let these feelings pull you down too much, but try to see this phase as an opportunity to recharge your batteries so that you can then enjoy your single life to the fullest.

5. You stalk his social media accounts and those of every other woman he spends time with

Oh yes, the online stalking of ex-boyfriends is probably the best-known post-breakup phenomenon in the 21st century, but also one of the most dangerous. Far too often we get used to checking our Instagram account every day and even create an extra profile to remain anonymous. Even all of his best friends and potential new flirts are not safe from us - we are guaranteed not to get rid of him.It is much better to cut all online connections directly - at least temporarily - and to concentrate fully on yourself and the new chapter in your life.

6. You wonder if you will ever find love again

Was he the only one who will ever love me? Have I found my great love and lost it again? Such doubts can arise in the depths of an emotional separation, but are usually completely superfluous. The fact is that life goes on after the separation - also when it comes to love! Yes, you will be dating again, even if it doesn't feel like it right now. Take your time to get over it and at some point you will find it is time without having to think about it much.

7. You think you are over him and then you realize that it is not so

"I don't care what he does"is probably the biggest separation lie ever! It is actually very clear that we cannot simply forget our ex-partner, and yet we like to talk ourselves into it because it is then easier to deal with the flood of emotions. Really getting over him takes a lot of time, in which you should just try to be neutral and not judge him. Don't expect to be able to forget it overnight, as we know it will take at least half as long as your relationship lasted.

8. You feel anger and hatred towards your ex

Speaking of neutrality: It's often not that easy! Rather, we tend to feel anger, hatred, and aversion towards our ex because it is easier to hate them than to deal with any feelings of longing they may have. But negative feelings often create more problems than solving them. Therefore, if you just try not to think about him, hard as that may be, you will save yourself a lot of stress.

9. You are trying to get in touch while drunk

Oh yes, the drunk texting. We bet that at least every second new single would plead guilty on this point, because our drunken selves just too often do things that we regret the next day. Whether it's an "I miss you" message or an outburst of anger on your mailbox, to avoid embarrassment like this, simply turn off your cell phone while partying, or ask your friends not to take their eyes off you.

10. You look forward to your time as a single

The end of a relationship opens up space for something new: See the breakup as an opportunity to develop yourself and finally do the things you couldn't do before. You now have plenty of time: do sports, meet new people or just treat yourself to a quiet evening alone - that can work wonders. Over time, you will learn to look forward to your time as a single because it is where you can get to know yourself better and grow as a person. So breakups aren't always bad, even if it may feel like that at first!

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