How can I make myself strong inside

Finally become more self-confident: the best expert tips

Nobody has to live his life as a shy wallflower because anyone can work on themselves to become more confident. "The prerequisite is the will and the conscious decision to bring about positive changes," says Tatjana Strobel, an expert on human knowledge.

Sure, you can't become more self-confident overnight. Dr. Herbert Mück, specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy: "A weak self-esteem always has something to do with the individual personality. It is well known that this cannot be changed at the push of a button. That is why you should allow yourself enough time."

But with small changes and tricks, each of us can work on ourselves every day and thus become more self-confident in the long run. The top priority: stay relaxed!

10 things you can do to boost your confidence:

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Become more confident: list of strengths

Usually people with little self-confidence only see their weaknesses. That needs to be changed. It works with these tips:

Tip 1:
"Look at your top 30 strengths and write them down. Ask yourself: What makes you unique? What are you particularly good at? Why do other people appreciate you? What would these people miss if you were no longer in their environment?" advises Tatjana Strobel.

Tip 2:
"Anyone who thinks of weaknesses should also accept them. No one is perfect! It is precisely the different mixture of strengths and weaknesses that gives each one of us an individual profile and makes us so unique. If someone stands by his weaknesses in front of others, that applies as a sign of strength! ", says Dr. Herbert Mück.

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Become more confident: diary

Was the day bad? Do you think? Open your eyes and change your perspective!

Tip 1:
"Keep a diary. For this purpose, write down every evening what you did particularly well that day, what you are proud of, what compliments and feedback you have received. Also write down what you were afraid of, but what you mastered with flying colors. Always read this book at the moments when you lose faith in yourself, "says Tatjana Strobel.

Tip 2:
"Make it a habit to give yourself at least one compliment before going to bed that relates to the previous day. You don't have to have done everything well. Nobody always does everything right! Therefore everyone should be compassionate to themselves and sometimes to themselves Allowing mistakes - provided you are willing to learn from them, "says Dr. Herbert Mück.

Become more confident: look in the mirror!

Do you find other women more attractive and do you find yourself boring? Look at you! You have just as many reasons to be confident and proud of yourself.

Tip 1:
"Stand naked in front of the mirror and find beautiful spots on your body and face. Take your time and concentrate exclusively on your beautiful sides! Repeat this daily until you have found at least 10 strengths. You should develop these 10 strengths write it down, "says Tatjana Strobel.

Tip 2:
"Pay attention to your body language. Make sure in front of the mirror again and again that you are standing upright and, above all, that you do not let your head and shoulders sag. appear confident, and you'll be amazed how your self-esteem grows all by itself, "says Dr. Herbert Mück.

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Become more confident: body feedback

It is not uncommon for one's own negative mood to be reflected in one's posture. Change that by sending positive signals to your body. Your posture tells your counterpart more than you think.

Tip 1:
"Work on your body feedback! Stand hip-width apart, stabilize your upper body, keep your head upright as if you were wearing a crown that shouldn't fall off. Reach your arms up for one or two minutes. With this exercise you signal your brain self-confidence. It automatically produces testosterone, which also makes you strong inside, "says Tatjana Strobel.

Tip 2:
"Practice the corner of the mouth: If you are in a bad mood or have bad feelings, stick your toothbrush or a teaspoon between your teeth across your mouth for one to two minutes. This movement pulls the muscles of the face upwards, especially the corner of the mouth pretended that you are fine. It pours out feelings of happiness and the negative mood is blown away. "

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Become more self-confident: muzzle for the inner critic

Our inner voice is our toughest critic. Therefore: give her a muzzle!

Tip 1:
"Practice consistently shouting 'stop' inwardly whenever doubts and derogatory thoughts arise in you ('You can't do anything ...!', 'You'd better have ...'). mentally going through the list of your personal skills and achievements, "says Dr. Herbert Mück.

Tip 2:
"When something has worked 50 percent, people with little self-confidence only ever see the missing half and what they just can't. Train yourself to appreciate and try to see what is there and not what is missing. Throw everything Every time you think something self-deprecating, put five euros in a piggy bank. You can use the accumulated money to make yourself a little happy. "

Become more confident: No comparisons

Those who are dissatisfied with themselves like to compare themselves to (supposedly happier) people and feel even more miserable - a vicious circle that needs to be ended.

Tip 1:
"You almost always find people who are more successful, more attractive and more carefree than you are. But does such knowledge really help you? Especially since it is based on your own personal assessment and can be completely wrong. As long as you compare yourself with others, do you block your view of yourself, "says Dr. Herbert Mück.

Tip 2:
"Instead of looking at the others, you should ask yourself: Which skills already distinguish me? Which ones do I still need to develop? Don't set your standards too high. Instead, start to be proud of what is already there and what already makes you unique. "

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Become more confident: have an opinion!

Insecure people have got used to constantly justifying themselves and just not attracting attention.

Tip 1:
"Practice expressing your opinion even if it could harm you. Stand by your beliefs and values ​​and be authentic and genuine. Stop playing a role just to be liked by others. Be proud of your personality and your own opinion - even if others don't like it, "advises Dr. Herbert Mück.

Tip 2:
"The way you say something is also very important. Pay attention to your voice. Speak calmly and firmly, say 'I' instead of 'one' or 'we'. Say clearly what you want ('I want') and do without on submission and justification speeches. Look your interlocutor openly in the eyes and smile. "

Become more self-confident: The others

Use the positive power of other people instead of isolating yourself from them.

Tip 1:
Ask the people around you what they like about you and what is special about you. You will be surprised! At the same time, stop asking yourself what strangers might think of you. Even if someone is thinks negatively about you, it is just his opinion and not the objective truth, "says Dr. Herbert Mück.

Tip 2:
"Try to expand your circle of acquaintances. Create a network of good friends, for example by brushing up on previous acquaintances or going to a sports club or to events where you can meet like-minded people."

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