Salt water has an expiration date

Do eye drops have an expiration date?

Itching due to hay fever, dry eyes from working at a computer screen, a serious illness: Eye drops have a wide range of uses - and also an expiration date?

Eye drops are available with and without preservatives. Even with the remedy, the drugs are not indefinitely durable, warns the "Apotheken Umschau". Usually it ends after six to eight weeks.

In the case of drops in the medicine cabinet, which are often used against dry eyes, you should regularly check the expiration dates.

Eye drops without preservatives

These types of drops are usually available in single-dose containers anyway. Once opened, they belong in the residual waste after 24 hours at the latest.

When using the drops, the following applies: One drop per eye is enough. As a rule, more does not fit in the eye anyway and is washed out again immediately. If you take several eye drops at the same time, for example for hay fever and dry eyes, you should wait at least ten minutes between the individual applications.

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