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What is SAP from baby diaper?

Polymer water-absorbent resin

The scientific name of the water absorption / locking factor is polymer water absorption resin. It is a new type of polymer material that can absorb hundreds to a thousand times its own weight in water, it is non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting. it has an extremely high water absorption capacity, a high water retention capacity and a high molecular weight polymerisation obtained by acrylic acid polymerisation. Substance → high water retention, absorption equilibrium under heavy load, the absorbed water cannot be squeezed out by simple physical processes, and can repeatedly drain and absorb water.

The water absorbing factor swells after absorbing water and feels like a Q-bomb. This is because it absorbs hundreds to a thousand times its own weight and swells. However, the absorbed moisture cannot be squeezed out using simple physical methods!

The properties and the application of the water-absorbing polymer resin determine the quality of the diapers.


High water absorption: It can absorb hundreds or thousands of times its own weight in non-ionized water. (The absorption capacity is great, even a thin one is seven times higher than ordinary sanitary napkins made of thick lint pulp.)


High Water Absorption Rate: Each gram of high water absorption resin can absorb hundreds of grams of non-ionized water in 30 seconds. (Immediate absorption without fear of voltage peaks)


High water retention: The gel does not easily push out of the water after absorbing water under pressure. (Press does not push back)


High swelling: The volume of the superabsorbent resin gel after swelling instantly expands hundreds of times.


Ammonia absorption: The low-crosslinking superabsorbent polyacrylate resin contains carboxyl anions in its molecular structure, which can be absorbed by ammonia and have a significant deodorizing effect.

These properties make different contributions to diaper performance, so we do not believe that certain data is necessarily a good product, but relatively speaking, the amount of water retention and absorption is more important.