How do I use Leaflet JS

Leaflet is a modern open source JavaScript library for creating interactive web mapping maps, which is also optimized for mobile applications. Despite its small size, it contains all the essential functionalities that are required for creating online maps.

Leaflet was developed to create simple, high-performance and efficient applications. The library can be used with all major desktop and mobile platforms and takes advantage of HTML5 and CSS3. Leaflet can be expanded with various plugins and has excellent documentation.

Participants receive a basic introduction to the library and learn how to create their own online maps.

Requirements: Basic computer knowledge, HTML, CSS and JavaScript basic knowledge.


  • introduction
    • Goals and possible uses of Leaflet
    • Presentation of web mapping libraries based on Leaflet
    • Integrate leaflet locally or via a content delivery network (CDN)
    • Read and understand the reference
  • Create cards
    • Integration of basic maps (e.g. OpenStreetMap)
    • Map controls
    • Map Events and the Event Object
  • Integrate and manage data:
    • Create lines, polygons, markers based on coordinates
    • Load local GeoJSON files
    • Conversion: Shapefile to GeoJSON
    • Integration of WMS services
    • Style the data
    • Link the data with popups
  • Advanced topics
    • Debug an application in the browser console with console.log
    • global vs. local variables and their effects on an application
    • Downloading and integrating plugins
  • Sample applications programmed in the course
    • Zoom to a specific point on the map with a button click
    • Convert mouse clicks into coordinates and display them on the page
    • Include Google Maps map

Course documents:

  • Certificate of participation
  • extensive scripts, materials and links
  • Practice exercises and dates


€ 499, - (plus VAT, discount possible, see terms and conditions)

This training takes place regularly three times a year.
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