Is there a multilingual telemedicine platform

Protect yourself from the spread of infectious diseases

Show2Doc takes care of you and your patients in the event of a pandemic

Doctors belong to the high risk group and therefore have the greatest chance of becoming infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Doctors should be very careful when contacting patients with symptoms of respiratory disease.

In the absence of a coronavirus vaccine, movement restrictions and quarantine are considered the most effective way to avoid infection.

During the pandemic, the psychological pressure and workload on doctors also increase.

The Show2Doc product uses digital health technology and shifts the majority of patient-doctor communication to online. Not only to improve the communication between doctor and patient, but also to prevent Ocontacts and fight COVID-19 and effective pandemic.

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Using the Show2Doc platform

A short video on how doctors use the Show2Doc telemedicine platform in their practice for remote monitoring and patient communication.

Use Show2Doc to communicate with your patients online

Show2Doc is a doctor-to-patient communication and monitoring platform.
The patient app collects all measurements and transmits them to the doctor's interface. This function is very useful for patients at home.

Reminders, task managers and telemedical consultations make Show2Doc a direct channel between doctor and patient.

With Show2Doc you can optimally manage the treatment process and follow the activities of the patients

If you would like to find out more about Show2Doc, please leave us a message in the form below, or try our test version.


The Show2Doc communication and surveillance platform is worldwide and includes:

  • Web-based interface for the doctor
  • Android and iOS apps for the patient
  • Virtual secure cloud platform in the EU
  • Portable medical devices for the patient for home use when needed

Technical aspects

  • No additional software required: just the Show2Doc web interface for the doctor and the Show2Doc mobile app for the patient
  • White label is available
  • A specific list of devices can be linked to the Show2Doc application, or data can be manually entered into the Show2Doc app by the patient
  • Online patient guides on how to provide observations and how to use devices
    Multilingual technical support and user support around the clock

Advantages for clinics and doctors

  • This saves the clinics time and money and can help save lives more effectively.
  • Full scope of online outpatient treatment: schedule, display of patient health indicators, treatment activities, changes to prescriptions.
  • Reduce inpatient hospital stays through remote patient treatment monitoring and emergency prevention.
  • Save the doctor time with telemedical consultations. Doctor-to-patient only when necessary, task manager with calendar and status notifications.
  • Improve patient outcomes and loyalty

Create the personalized communication channel between you and the patient

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