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Investors Dubai

Investors Dubai

Dubai sounds like a fairy tale from a thousand and one nights: religious rigor and tradition meet great wealth, superlatives strung together and rapid growth opportunities. State-of-the-art office and commercial space, an almost tax-free space and a living environment at the highest level are opening up for investors in Dubai. Skyscrapers like the Dubai World Trade Center or the Emirates Towers shape the picture.

The Dubai International Financial Center is considered a highly profitable free trade zone, where companies are exempt from paying tax on trade profits for the first fifty years. Dubai's young, internationally oriented exchange with the US dollar as its trading currency and a western-oriented exchange regulator tries to involve investors from all over the world and to become the hub between Europe and the USA on the one hand and Asia on the other.

Dubai is trying to create an investment-friendly climate as possible, primarily in order to achieve independence from crude oil, which has given Dubai its wealth, but whose sources will run dry in the foreseeable future. The most profitable industries currently in Dubai are logistics, tourism and the real estate sector.

The Arabian Gulf coast with white sandy beaches, imposing hotel buildings such as the “Burj al Arab” and shopping malls, which not only leave nothing to be desired, but also enable prices that are almost paradisiacal, attract tourists. For investors, entrepreneurial activity can therefore be planned insofar as an end to the construction boom is not expected, in particular because the demand for real estate is far from being met. Since investors can currently be found primarily in the luxury and hotel sector, longer-term investment opportunities are opening up, especially in the lower price segment. For investors, however, in addition to the oriental magic combined with the most modern technologies, the tax pole is still decisive.

Not only a tax-free acquisition of real estate, but above all the fact that no tax is levied on sales, income, land purchase, property or assets, make investments in Dubai extremely profitable. Only banks and oil companies have to pay a corporate tax. However, Dubai is much more than a work environment.

An economic policy that hardly affects the private sector, stable political framework conditions and a low level of crime make Dubai worth living in. However, it should be noted that Dubai is an Islamic country, even if the legal system and in particular commercial law are clearly separated from Islamic law. Private investors can also make an investment in Dubai. The so-called Dubai Top Select Certificate is a Deutsche Bank security that tracks the price development of seven companies in the construction, finance and real estate industries. Job information and job advertisements on the Caribbean peninsula, for job vacancies in Dubai, at https://www.eu-stellenangebote.de/stellenangebote_dubai.html.

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