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National parks in Germany

Management quality of German national parks - results of the first evaluation of the German national parks

The brochure provides a comprehensive picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the German national parks and gives recommendations for action. It is shown to what extent previously defined standards have already been achieved in the German national parks and in which areas there is still room for improvement. The subject areas of framework conditions, protection of natural biological diversity and dynamism, organization, management, cooperation and partners,… Read more »

More national parks for Germany ?! Arguments and backgrounds with a view to the current discussion about the designation of national parks in Germany

The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation has compiled a compilation of backgrounds and information on the following topics with regard to national parks: National nature conservation goals Protection and promotion of natural or unguided processes Outdoor laboratory and place of learning for natural biological processes - also with regard to climate change Protection of biodiversity and special habitats Area size of national parks and their core zones formation… Read more »

National parks in Germany - Wild and beautiful

All German national parks are briefly presented in this brochure.

Wilderness in German national parks

This brochure shows pictures of the German national parks and the "wilderness" that occurs there.

German national parks, nature parks and biosphere reserves - models

This brochure provides an overview of the major protected areas in Germany, their models, tasks and goals.

Wild and beautiful - national parks in Germany

This brochure provides an overview of the 16 German national parks, their beauties and special features.

National parks in Germany - preserve natural heritage - experience nature

This brochure presents the national parks in Germany and possible activities for visitors.

German nature conservation and the forest issue

Prof. Dr. Succow and Dr. Jeschke give an overview of the history of forest conservation in Germany from the beginning of the 19th century until today. From the establishment of the first forest protection areas on the initiative of individual princes to the beginnings of state nature conservation and the post-war establishment of natural forest cells and reserves, the first national parks and the national park program of the GDR to… Read more »

100 years of national parks in Europe

The publication provides an overview of the status and development of European national parks from their historical beginnings to the challenges of the present. In particular, the international protection goals of national parks and the development of wilderness areas in Europe are discussed.

40 years of national parks in Germany - status and prospects

Hubert Weinzierl gives an overview of the history of the national parks in Germany, with a focus on the chronology of the Bavarian national parks Bayerischer Wald and Berchtesgaden. In it, he also presents his view of the future further development of national parks and wilderness in Germany with regard to new designations and (forest) management.

Naturally close - biosphere reserves in Germany

This brochure provides an overview of the biosphere reserves in Germany.

Declaration by EUROPARC Germany on genetic engineering in protected areas

EUROPARC Germany speaks out against the cultivation and release of genetically modified organisms in ecologically sensitive areas such as national parks.

People and nature belong together - nature parks in Germany

All German nature parks are briefly presented in this brochure.

United Nations List of Protected Areas (2003)

This is the 2003 UN List of Protected Areas on Earth.

Guide to drawing up national park plans

The guideline describes the procedure for drawing up national park plans, their structure, content and integration into planning law.

National parks on the official website of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

The official website of the BfN on national parks provides an overview of the situation in national parks in Germany.

"Welcome to the National Parks of Sweden" - brochure about the Swedish national parks

Published by the Swedish State Environmental Protection Agency, this brochure describes the Swedish national parks and their history. It also explains the protection status of national parks in Sweden and how they are managed.