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Billie Eilish with a new song and a political message

The hottest young pop singer in the world at the moment, Billie Eilish, released her new song "My Future" overnight. The single, which was released along with an animated video, is about Eilish wanting to get to know himself.

“Because I'm in love with my future, can't wait to meet her. I'm in love, but not with anyone, I just want to get to know myself, ”the 18-year-old sings hopefully. According to Eilish, the song was written at the beginning of the “lock-down” in the USA.

Eilish with a political message for fans

In a message to her fans, the US superstar wrote: “It's a song that for me is really very, very personal and special. When we wrote this song, it was right where my head was - hopeful, excited, and with an insane amount of self-reflection and personal growth. "

Furthermore, the singer campaigned for the “Black Lives Matter” movement as well as climate protection and called for the wearing of masks: “We must continue to fight for what we believe is right. We have to choose. We have to take care of the earth. We have to fight for black lives. "

The Instagram photo posted to announce “My Future” already showed Eilish on a balcony with mouth and nose protection and in the casual, comfortable casual clothing that she is used to. It was the first uploaded picture since Eilish had left her Instagram page after the death of the African American George Floyd through police violence and in solidarity with the movement "Black Lives Matter", wrote the US magazine "Variety".

Theme song for new James Bond film

Since last year Eilish has experienced a meteoric rise to global pop superstar with several successful singles - most recently in the spring “Everything I Wanted” - and the million-fold album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”. She also sings the theme song for the new James Bond film "No Time To Die".