Should my jacket match my shoes

With these 5 tips you can always combine colors correctly

Which colors actually go together? And which ones suit my type? Combining tops, pants and shoes in different colors is not difficult at all. Just follow these three tips and you'll crack the color code.

Tip 1: alternate light and dark

Light top with dark trousers and light shoes, dark top with light trousers and dark shoes: With Contrasts you can't go wrong

Tip 2: rely on classic colors

We have put together colors for you that can be combined very well with each other - there are sure to be a few in your closet!

Tip 3: contrast with skin tone

The color of your tops should be yours Skin tone not too similar that can quickly look pale. If you have light skin, you should focus on shades of blue and less on white. But that doesn't mean that you can't wear a white shirt anymore, just combine it with a blue jacket and you have a nice contrast.

Tip 4: tone-on-tone

Tone-on-tone, an outfit in which the Colors of all clothes are similar or are even the same is a little more difficult to combine, as it can appear monotonous more quickly. It is important that the materials are clearly different. Black jeans with a black T-shirt can look great. A black chino with a black cotton sweater is a bit more critical because the materials look very similar.

Tip 5: Know how with OUTFITTERY

Here you can watch the Also download and print out the table - for hanging in your closet!

>> Download the color table now

If you would like further advice on color combinations, your personal stylist from OUTFITTERY is of course always there for you!

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