Is math required to do CA

Online math bridging course OMB +

How much math do I have to be able to do for my degree?

You should have a good command of school mathematics from grades 5 to 12 in order to be able to start studying economics well. However, an advanced mathematics course is not required.

Experience has shown that it is often not the lecture content itself that causes difficulties, but rather gaps in understanding or misconceptions from the underlying school mathematics. It starts with fractions and solving equations, goes through an understanding of functions and derivatives to the basics of linear algebra.

What can I do to prepare to study economics?

You should set the goal for yourselfOnline math bridging course OMB +to work through before the start of studies in order to refresh the school mathematics and to close individual gaps in understanding. In addition to internet access, all you need is a good dose of self-discipline, but that too is good preparation for your studies.

The online course contains introductions and explanations on each subject area, some with interactive images to aid understanding; In addition, many exercises and quizzes, which you will receive feedback and explanations that match your individual mistakes. There is a final test for each of the 10 thematic sub-areas. After passing the overall test, you can print out a certificate and thus have good feedback on your mathematical prerequisites for studying economics. There are also virtual tutorials, online forums in which you can exchange ideas in groups, and a hotline for content-related questions that are supervised by tutors during the day.

If you invest this approx. 60 hours in advance and successfully complete the tests, you can be sure that you will be able to work well in the first semester of the Bachelor's degree in Economics.

To the OMB +

The OMB + is recommended by more than 40 universities as a preparation for degree programs with compulsory mathematics courses. In terms of content, it is based on a catalog of minimum requirements for a university degree from the “Cooperation School / University” working group. The costs are borne by the participating universities; participation is free of charge for you.

The OMB + tutors can be reached daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In addition, we offer an OMB + workshop on site at the beginning of the winter semester, in which a math tutor can help you with any questions at any time. The times will be announced in the first "Mathematics" lecture.