Will Nokia survive in the 2017 market

Nokia is back and just getting started. HMD Global has big plans for the brand and wants to attack the top 3 smartphone manufacturers.

2017 is a big comeback year for the Nokia brand. In the digital health market, the manufacturer is attacking itself thanks to a takeover of Withings, and HMD Global is taking care of the new products in the smartphone market. They are slowly coming onto the market and with the Nokia 8 we have only just seen the flagship product. HMD Global has very big plans.

Florian Seiche, who has already held senior positions at HTC, Nokia and Microsoft, will take over the management of HMD Global. His goal is to rebuild the "Nokia" brand and in the next three to five years they want to be among the top 3 smartphone manufacturers again. Apple, Samsung and Huawei are currently located there. It won't be easy against these three.

HMD Global: Feature Phones help us

But how do you want to achieve that? The smartphone business is currently being “ramped up” at HMD Global and until it is at full capacity, the feature phones are jointly responsible for sales. This market is no longer so fiercely competitive. It is also hoped that these customers will then know the brand and later switch to a Nokia smartphone.

While Nokia takes care of gadgets for the fitness market, HMD Global will only take care of the smartphone market. Production takes place at Foxconn. However, HMD Global (for the time being) has no plans for tablets or smartwatches. These gadgets would only distract you from focusing on the target. The complete interview with Florian Seiche appeared in the last edition of Welt am Sonntag, an excerpt is available here.

“We are initially concentrating on getting our smartphone selection complete and offering a number of accessories. If we want to be one of the top smartphone manufacturers in the market in three to five years, we have to focus. "

Florian Seiche

Seiche is of the opinion that the Nokia brand is still very much alive and has actually not suffered that much damage. It is still "extremely well known" and arouses emotions in people. HMD Global also likes to use this advantage as you saw with the Nokia 3310 (2017).

The current portfolio is good, but not great. I'm curious to see how things will continue and which devices will await us in 2018 in particular. Top 3 may be a bit high at the moment, but who knows, maybe you can actually snatch a few market shares from the big manufacturers.

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