Who develops the graphics at Apple




The power to change everything.
Say hello to a Mac that is extreme in every way. It has the best performance, expansion, and configurability ever. With this system, professional users from various fields will push the boundaries of what is possible.
Function determines form.
Every aspect of the Mac Pro is designed for performance. The stainless steel space frame is surrounded by an aluminum housing that can be removed. It enables 360 ° access to all components as well as countless configuration options. So everything is possible. Function determines form.
Nothing unnecessary, everything carefully thought out.
The Mac Pro was developed from the inside out to create a high performance system with absolute flexibility and uncompromising functionality. A tool that is made to overcome boundaries. So that you can implement your greatest ideas.
Two sides. A target.
The extreme performance of the Mac Pro requires an extremely powerful thermal management system. Three axial fans quietly guide the air over the CPU and GPUs and keep them cool even during the most intensive workloads. On the opposite side, a fan sucks the air over the main memory, the storage unit and through the power supply and directs it out at the rear of the machine.
The inside forms the outside.
Three shaped and milled aluminum elements, combined into one component, form the housing. It's much more than a decorative shell. It gives the space frame stability and at the same time ensures a tight seal of the inner cavity. Together with the fans, blower and internal ducts, it creates different pressure zones to improve the heat capacity of the system.
Nice functional.
A powerful device alone is limited if the design does not consider how it is actually used. From the handles, latches and ports on the top, to the castors and optional rack mount, everything you interact with is simple and intuitive. So that you can work more efficiently than ever before.