What is Avicii's Favorite Social Media

The news surprised the whole world. Yesterday Avicii († 28) was found dead in Oman, nothing is known about the cause of death.

"The news hit me like a blow," says EDX (civil: Maurizio Colella, 41) now to LOOK. The successful DJ from Opfikon was one of the first sponsors of Sweden. One of Avicii’s first remixes to EDX’s song “Shy Shy” was in 2009, and his first real single “Bromance” was released on the Swiss’s label. «We had a very close relationship. On New Year's Eve I saw him in South Africa and I actually wanted to call him this week. " EDX is now all the more sad about the death of his friend: «We had a lot of wonderful moments that I like to think back on. He was only 28 and still had life ahead of him. "

"He revolutionized the scene"

This is what DJ Antoine says about Avicii's death: "Maybe he couldn't take the pressure" (00:46)

For the DJ, who is the most popular Swiss artist on Spotify, Avicii was at the forefront of the “dance music renaissance”. «Thanks to him, the DJs came out of the dark room and back onto the stage. He revolutionized the whole scene. " EDX is certain: "With him, the music world has lost an icon."

One consolation remains for him that Avicii's music is forever. He is currently touring Mexico, tomorrow he will be on stage in Mexico City. There he has something special planned: “I'll create a special mix with Avicii songs to honor him. The show must go on. " (klm)

Published: 04/21/2018, 1:53 p.m.
Last updated: October 5, 2018, 8:01 pm