What is the best video downloader site

The best video downloaders for Google Chrome

There are numerous video downloaders for the Google Chrome browser that can be downloaded as extensions from the Chrome Web Store. The principle of these plugins is always the same: As soon as you open a website with the video that you would like to download, simply click on the plugin icon in the upper right corner of the browser and select the corresponding video from a list of all available downloads .

Basically, the video downloaders differ, for example, in the number of resolutions offered or in the diversity of websites on which they work. However, they all have one thing in common (probably to the chagrin of every user): YouTube is an absolute exclusion zone for all download plugins because this violates Google's terms and conditions. The days of the “YouTube Video Downloader” plug-in are also over, which is why you can only really be successful here with real software. Alternatively, you would have to install the video downloader as an external plug-in in Chrome, but nobody does that because it is almost impossible.

Apart from that, the downloaders cover a wide range of video portals and websites. We'll introduce you to the best free video downloaders for Chrome and give you an overview of all the advantages and disadvantages they have.

1. Flash Video Downloader

The Flash Video Downloader is an extremely clear and easy-to-use tool for almost all popular websites except for YouTube and a few unknown video platforms. Figure 1 demonstrates the interface with the Vimeo video platform. The selected video can be downloaded in various resolutions (recognizable by the numbers on the left in front of the video title) and can be downloaded using the right arrow button.

The Flash Video Downloader is particularly helpful for social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook as well as for many popular VOD and OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

2. Video Downloader professional

What shouldn't be missing from our list is the Video Downloader professional. The name already arouses high expectations, which the Chrome extension also largely meets. The interface (Fig. 2) is intuitive and offers all the necessary functions in connection with video downloads. The video format, the various available video resolutions and the video size are specified in the download button. The icon to the left is a special function of the plugin, which allows the video to be played on the television via Google Chromecast.

The disadvantage of the extension: it does not work with YouTube or RTMP videos. But anyone who concentrates on Flash and HTML5 videos anyway should be more than satisfied with this tool.

3. Video Downloader Plus

The last of the bunch is the Chrome extension Video Downloader Plus, an extremely positively rated tool for fast and uncomplicated video downloads on all possible platforms and websites (apart from YouTube again). The transparent information about the responsible developer studio is also gratifying, in this case a German studio from Berlin.

In Figure 3 you can see the associated interface, which is very simple and clearly structured. All video resolutions available on the opened website are listed. The selection is phenomenally large, but it is not clear which formats or resolutions are involved. Only the video titles and the download buttons with integrated video sizes are given. This can be used to estimate the resolution, but a more precise specification would be desirable.

To compensate for this, the plugin offers the option of viewing all video variants before actually downloading them in order to check the resolution and quality. This works by clicking on the play symbol on the right edge of the interface.

An overview of all featured video downloaders and their advantages and disadvantages:

Flash Video DownloaderVideo downloader professionalVideo Downloader plus
+ clear, structured+ clear interface+ German development team
+ usable for many pages+ detailed information on the format etc.+ simple, intuitive interface
+ usable for many pages+ playable before download
- not for YouTube- not for YouTube- not for YouTube
- not for RTMP videos- no further information on the downloads (e.g. resolution)