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3 Contents of the Mother's words: Encouragement for the world Announce Christ the Lord and always be ready to answer any question who asks about the hope that fills you (1 Pet 3:15). That is what is needed, since the Church and the whole world are stuck in a crisis of confidence foreseen by Mother Marie Therese. The good news of the unconditionally and individually loving God, which was formulated anew into the 21st century by the mother in order to confirm the Spirit-wrought Second Vatican Council, must be carried to each individual. Not verbally in general, but personally in acts of charity. No matter how desperate, turned away from life or disgusted by his own existence. Right then. He, she, everyone, you and I are personally embraced and secure in the love of Christ. Mother Marie Therese's heart overflowed from this grace experienced in her own suffering and in the bleak darkness. She put this overflowing love into words intended to encourage the world. E ditorial letter from mother Marie Therese 6 7 encouragement Words to encourage the world Karl-Heinz Haus introduces the newsletter and annual theme. View of the crisis in the church and a prayer from Mother Marie Therese. 8th

4 The task of a Christian in the world A change of perspective with the founder of the order, Mother Marie Therese, from the darkness of the world to the happiness of love for God. August 3rd contemplation Guide all Christians by your Spirit. Novena after the 25th jubilee of the Order on December 8th, 2009 about the full development of the Second Vatican Council and the recognition of the Communion in Christ. 16 Call of God in the here and now A moving and trend-setting interview with Pastor Hermann Walch, the Spiritual of Communio in Christ, on the annual theme of encouragement for the world and the understanding of the writings of the founder of the order, Mother Marie Therese. 17 Charisma and office are assigned to one another. Superior General Karl-Heinz Haus comments on Pope Benedict XVI's sermon. about St. Francis at the audience on January 27, 2010 and draws parallels to Mother Marie Therese and the Church of today. 26

5 S pirituality Superior General Karl-Heinz House in the Vatican Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski, a friend of the Communion in Christ, received the superior at the Pontificio Consilio Per Gli Operatori Sanitari in Via della Conciliazione in Rome. Participation in the opening of the African Synod of Bishops. Three testimonies for Mother Marie Therese In this newsletter, too, we continue the series of testimonies for Mother Marie Therese. This time two relatives, the married couple Carla and Joannes Linssen, and the writer Alfred Müller-Felsenburg have their say O rdensleben - news from the mother house and all over the world enrichment for the church The Communio in Christo celebrated its 25th anniversary. Almost 40 priests concelebrated at St. Lambertus in Holzheim. Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski was the main celebrant of the pontifical office. Directly at his side were the envoy of the Aachen bishop, Provost Helmut Poqué, and the superior general pastor Karl-Heinz Haus. The human being is the path of the church High dignitaries from politics and clergy spoke greetings after the pontifical office for the jubilee of the order in the parish church in Holzheim and thus expressed their attachment to the communion in Christ. At this point we publish a small selection

6 Members of God As in many churches in all parts of the world, there is also a lively exchange between the Communio in Christo and the Diocese of Mahenge in Tanzania in East Africa. One like no one else ... On the 70th birthday of Communio-Spiritual Hermann Walch, his friend said and General Superior Karl-Heinz Haus: His life story is connected like no other with Mother Marie Therese and the founding of the Communio in Christo Eifeler and Tyrolean celebrated together an extremely popular pastor witness of all foundations Thanksgiving service for the 80th birthday of Sister Dorothea 57 O ur works / Lived charity No day is like the other administrative employees ensure that the social work of Communio in Christ works smoothly The special feature: Everything that is generated remains in the facility and benefits the social work directly again 58 C ommunio in Action Carnival is in Long-term care and Haus Effata vigorously celebrated Johannes Ka This time lpers is giving a Christmas concert 64 65

7 Excerpts from letters / short messages From letters to the Communion Father Paul held masses in the mother house as a substitute God sent us two Indian sisters to the mother house! 300 supporters behind the Stella Maris hospice. Red Cross members also helped at the memorial day. They stand for the motto of mother Marie Therese: Caritas Est Vivere In Deo, that is: Love for one's neighbor is life in God. Imprint - Co mmunio in Christo - AS A WAY TO REALIZE THE SECOND VATICAN CONCIL - OUR LIFE - OUR WORKS Vol. 33, No. 1, March 2010 Publisher: Communio in Christo ev, Bruchgasse 14, Mechernich Responsible: Pastor Hermann Walch Tel. : /, Fax: / Internet: Editing: Pastor Hermann Walch, Manfred Lang, Tameer Gunnar Eden, Dr. Michael Thalken, Agency ProfiPress Layout and cover: Tameer Gunnar Eden, Anna Lang, Agency ProfiPress Printing and binding: Bernardinum, Pelplin / Poland Donation accounts: Communio in Christo ev, Kreissparkasse Euskirchen, Kto .:, BLZ Förderverein Hospiz Stella Maris ev, Kreissparkasse Euskirchen , Account:, bank code donation account Austria: Communio in Christo ev, Pastor Hermann Walch, Sparkasse Imst, account:, bank code 20502, keyword: donation for people in need

8 E ditorial Dear Readers! For the first time, we are not only introducing you to the opening theme of a single newsletter, but also the spiritual motto of a whole year. Words of the mother as encouragement for the world run like a red thread through this newsletter and should give you, like us and all believers, courage in times of grave crises in the Church and in mankind. The mother keeps referring to the cross, hence the cover picture. And not only on the cross of death, the instrument of torture and execution, but on the cross of hope, the overcoming of death, suffering and fear, which the mother herself was only able to discover and accept after decades of darkness of faith and the most severe suffering. We are well aware that the texts of this charismatic mystic, who was Mother Marie Therese, must be sensed, felt and emphatically developed by you, dear readers. These are not teachings of faith based on the motto "Take it ... But whoever they open up to, has found a treasure that can change their entire existence and make them happy with love." Foreground in the contributions about a visit by General Superior Karl-Heinz Haus in the Vatican and the opening of the African Synod of Bishops as well as in the reports on the birthdays of Sister Dorothea and Pastor Hermann Walch. We recapitulate the 25th anniversary of the Order of Communion in Christ and bring further testimonies to Mother Marie Therese. Dr. Michael Thalken, a new employee of the circular, sheds light on the inconspicuous but eminently important work of the administration of the Communio in Christ in an employee report. A colorful sheet of pictures reports on Communio all over the world with personal stories, short messages, announcements, appointments and, and, and ... We wish you a reading that is very enriching for you. Karl-Heinz Haus, General Superior Helmut Weber, Chairman of the Board Various articles in the newsletter aim to help discover the mother, her meaning, her reflections, her prayers. The clergy is also in the 6th

9 Letter from Mother Marie Therese My dear sick people! Sick letter from the founder of the order, Mother Marie Therese, in November 1992 I have been seriously ill for five months. It will take a very long time before I can step back into everyday life, if a cure is still possible. This painful time made me feel even deeper for you. It would be my wish to be able to give you some strength and courage. Words of compassion and regret combined with wishes for recovery can bring much comfort. When the goal of our life shines in our faith, the pain is alleviated because we are then faced with the act of love. The happiness in the hour of our death makes everything seem relative. In the encounter with God we will forget all suffering. With no one is the Redeemer more real than with the sick and suffering. Salvation is personal. Christ stands before us with his cross and shows the place where he is our Savior. His love has no limits, it cannot be anything other than giving. In the personal pain he directs our gaze to his own cross, which has become a testimony to his love. Even for us sick it is difficult to believe in his love. His words and mother Marie Theres visits a long-term care resident. his human existence, his sacrificial death and his resurrection guarantee us his love beyond death. We must not despair, especially since we know that we will live forever, full of peace and happiness. And that's for sure. Let us believe in it so that our pain in the cross of Christ may be kindled to love and thanksgiving. I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best. Your mother Marie Therese 7

10 Encouragement Words from the mother on the introduction of the Superior General Pastor Karl-Heinz Haus into the newsletter and annual motto with a view to the crisis of the church and a prayer from Mother Marie Therese from her last book I ask you, o holy one, written shortly before her death Church encouragement from the world The Catholic Church is currently experiencing one of the greatest crises in its history. It is a crisis of confidence, just like the world financial crisis was and is a crisis of confidence. In both cases, and basically in the whole of the modern world today - credibility is at stake. For a better understanding, one should take the word apart: It's about credibility. What is still worth and worthy of being believed today? Especially when those who are believed trample on credibility, it seems. According to the old definition, belief is as good as knowledge in trusting someone you trust. Anyone who loses this trust has a credibility problem. Like the church, which in the published opinion is still and repeatedly questioned as a moral authority, but on the other hand as backward, body and misogynist Pastor Karl-Heinz Haus: Many believers are deeply insecure. Photo: gte or because of misconduct and misdemeanor by church representatives as untrustworthy in the pillory Many believers are also deeply insecure. Although they know inside that the Catholic faith remains worthy and worthy even if those who are supposed to guard it and pass it on fail. Believers believe in God, in Jesus Christ and his witnesses, who have brought God's revelation to us through the centuries in apostolic succession. And they believe that God reveals himself again and again by influencing individual people, but also the church and its decisions through the Holy Spirit promised by Christ himself

11 Encouragement flows. The Second Vatican Council is such a spiritually worked act of God, with which the gospel was transported into the here and now of a modern secularized world. God was at work to reveal himself and his church as communion in Christ to the whole world and to all of humanity. Nevertheless, the question remains justified today: How can you counter a breach of trust? Can you even work it up? What can the church do what the believers do? Are there any indications of how we can live as believers today? Is there still a way to salvation and redemption or is it blocked? should encourage and empower. Words from Mother Marie Therese, who open the door to Jesus Christ, the redeeming Savior of all people, to those who get involved. The members and friends of the Communion in Christ are convinced worldwide that Mother Marie Therese had the extraordinary charisma of proclaiming communion with the loving Christ to the whole world at God's command. Mother Marie Therese was chosen by God and directly commissioned to testify to the divine origin of the church with her extraordinary charisma. What would be more urgent today than that, for us in this crisis It is possible, but it is only possible, and I am deeply convinced of that, if one observes the signs that God has given the Church. Even if we don't want to believe it: There are also these signs from God today, as he has given them at all times to prove that he will remain with his church until the end of times, as he himself promised: I am with you every day until the end of the world. And God always gives these signs about people whom he chooses in a special way and calls for the credibility of the church. Such a person was Mother Marie Therese, the founder of the Communion in Christ. In 25 books she has left texts, reflections and prayers that make up the world of today. Whoever engages in the words of the mother opens the door to Christ, the redeeming Savior. (K.H. House) 9

12 Encouragement to make it clear that it was not people who founded this church, but Christ himself, the Son of God? He is the founder of this church and he calls people as he will to testify to the church's credibility and her holiness over and over again. which was without contradiction as a tool in the hand of God to prove that this church, which Christ founded, is holy and remains holy, even if it is defiled by people and is being degraded to a ruin in our time. Only from this deeper source can we gauge what is going on in this crisis, what is going on today in this loss of confidence and how we can process it. We will distinguish between person and deed. We will condemn sin in the strongest possible terms. But we will find ourselves in the sin of the other, an experience that can call us to throw ourselves deeper again before God, to say and implore and confess before his cross and to him: Lord, have mercy on us, have mercy on the Church , have mercy on the world and let us recognize the signs that you give us. I was allowed to accompany Mother Marie Therese as a pastor for over 20 years, I was allowed to look very deeply into her life, was able to research into her childhood and can now say with full conviction and certainty: Here God has called us a saint for our time today Who lives a sacred life from childhood to death, 10 I would be happy if, against this background, you could discover the prayers that we in the Order of Communion in Christ often pass on in our Eucharistic celebrations. So also the prayer from Mother's last book, I ask you, O holy Church, in which it says: Mother Marie Therese at the age of 24, a teacher at the time. Father, I am at home in your world, I am captured by your love. You love creation so much that God was allowed to die so that we could learn that whatever suffering and annoyance this world throws upon us is a passing path to true and ultimate life. You asked me to reach the heart of everyone and commissioned me to create a new world and to build institutions that serve people of all ranks and classes. The whole book is written in the face of death when mother Marie Therese was on a two-year-old crane

13 kenlager had to live in total dependence on others, and out of this situation pleaded with those responsible in the church to return to this simple life of Jesus, to his love and his mercy for everyone. I can testify: Mother Marie Therese was already carrying heaven here when she wrote this prayer. I was reminded of the gospel of the transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor, where three apostles were allowed to experience this heaven and spontaneously exclaimed: It is good for us to be here! Mother Marie Therese fulfilled this commission from God in an exemplary manner. That is why she founded Haus Effata, the long-term care facility Communio in Christo and the Hospice Stella Maris to show that lived charity is important in our church and that the church can only become credible if it lives this charity. Mother Marie Therese lived charity. Encouragement Father, Eternal fire that burns within me. Thirst consumes me when I talk to you. My heart is tormented because it lacks the last thing to love you according to what has been given. I dry up by the sea of ​​passions. You give me divine water to quench my thirst. I long to receive your endless love. In spirit and in truth I am looking for you. I found you in my soul. You fulfill my hope. You came to share my life You poured love on my way, took everything from me that blocked the way to you. You have forgiven me my guilt, made me just before you in Jesus Christ. Mother Marie Therese was certain that today's human beings will only be able to come back to God through lived charity.With this in mind, perhaps you can apply the word from the gospel to yourself in a very specific way: It is good for us to be here. Let's pray with Mother Marie Therese: You have secured my future, have left me your kingdom as an inheritance. You protect me when I am in danger of stumbling, you lift me up when I lie down. You keep me from the evil spirit so that it doesn't poison my heart. 11

14 Encouragement 0 Father, I have received so much kindness that I long for peace and love. You have given me power, made me aware of the works of the Spirit. You asked me to reach the heart of all people, you commissioned me to create a new world and to build institutions that serve people of all rank and status. You awaken the right thoughts in me so that true selflessness may pursue your plans. I am at home in your world, I am captured by your love. O Father, the gifts with which you enlighten me are numerous. You recognized my oppression. You refuse to judge me. You want to keep me from loving myself. The task of a contemplation by Mother Marie Therese on August 3, 1993 In this contemplation, the Holy Spirit leads me into the darkness of the world and into the task of a Christian. I 12 Your truth makes me decide. Thirst consumes me to love you justly, I who have been saved by you. And yet for many you remain the controversial. You love creation very much, so much that God was allowed to die so that we could learn that whatever suffering and annoyance this world throws upon us is a temporary path to true and ultimate life. Father, give us the hand that feels liberated. Hand us the drink that quenches the agonizing thirst. Give us love so that it strengthens our hope and we recognize you as the all-good Father for time and eternity. (Mother Marie Therese in her last book I ask you, o holy church, p. 237, March 8, 1993) Christians in the world experience the happiness of love so strongly that it almost seems unnatural to me, in the confusion and darkness of this To have to look into the world. But my calling promises me the light into which we Christians grow and in which

15 encouragement blossoms for the personal task to overcome everything that a person encounters in the world. When I think of my two houses and register the suffering of the many, I am moved by so many thoughts of compassion and regret. Although I have not been able to personally convince myself of their weal and woe for more than 14 months, I know everything. It is the aim of the two existing houses and those that are still to be built to open the residents' souls wide for the promised happiness of eternity, in which all suffering dissolves into unspeakable joy. There are so many types of ailments that so many fail to understand. It is the spirituality of my communion in Christ to take the darkness of the world into your life and open yourself to your Savior. What all members are trying to sort out themselves, they can pass on in Haus Effata and Stella Maris. For those who have found peace in all the adversities of their existence, the secret of human suffering is a true revelation. In my hospice there are sick people who have to endure what others are unable to do. The satisfaction of these patients is striking. The inner transformation in which they cling more and more tightly to God is noticeable in various sick people. Her condition has made her strong-willed to subject her everyday life to an appropriate order. For some, the ego has completely receded itself. It is not her sufferings, the mother Marie Therese wrote 24 books and the rules of the order. challenge them, but rather their faith shapes them. A few days ago another patient died of AIDS. It was the 17th person suffering from AIDS in a few years. In my vocation it has become my mandate to promise these poor sick people a place to stay. There must be no inner idleness and no coldness in my members of the Communio in Christ. The needs of this time are a request to me to take care of the needs of this time in a special way. Every human fate must be seen and answered in its personal situation. Love is the task in which patience and compassion come to your aid. It is thankful as the Holy Spirit reveals the life of the given charism. Lifted into the unspeakably blissful light of his love, I experience the sufferings of this world, which has apparently lost the sense of God and eternity. I experience the insight of the many who do not worry about their lives and who are forbidden from encountering God in their torments. You live so carefree in the constant 13th

16 encouragement reproach against God. I see the number of ignorant people who only have dreams. The world is their gain, even if they lose everything. When I was young, I had contact with two daughters from a wealthy family. The father ran a big company. He was quite distant from faith. Sometimes I heard him say, “I still have time to be converted when I'm dying. «A few years later it suddenly struck him. He died the second death without a priest and without God. His life clung to the surface. I am convinced that salvation was certain for him, especially since the Holy Spirit always teaches me never to judge. A person's dependency is so great that almost no guilt is to be blamed on him. This also means that neither scientific knowledge nor acquired power make him free to abuse it and to consider himself better. Mother Marie Therese was known for her warmth. wear, and those who have experienced severe disappointments. Spirit and matter form a person and determine his mind. I address myself to the sick and the elderly in my two houses: »You made your experiences compassionate. You opened your eyes to the background of your life. You have opened yourself to the core of your heart. You know about your future. You know you are welcomed and comforted. You got to know real life. You have discovered love and have become an example of light and joy. It is important for me to be able to tell you how valuable the solidarity is in which we belong together. I can tell you from my own experience that I am not unaware of your misery. I want to emphasize that we show you understanding. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful to you for all your support for this work and I wish you all the best in the special love of God. «We must fear nothing. The confession of one's own nothingness is the security of being redeemed. Secured in the light of love, we feel the needs and personal sufferings as temporary experiences in which we are all the more overwhelmed by the longing to draw eternity into us. I think I have to comfort those who are difficult to live with. Father, hardship, fear and suffering determine this time. We know the fate of the hunted and hunted. We suffer with the homeless, with the lonely and with those affected by the forces of nature. We hear, father, of the growing 14

17 number of those persecuted and tortured see the increasing impoverishment of many continents. We encounter the luxury of the nouveau riche who build palaces and live lavishly, who enjoy their wealth without thinking about others. Every day the media tell of starving children, of those whose human existence is threatened. We hear of the injustice. Human rights are talked about all over the world. 0 Father, we live in a questionable time in which people are not for anything and in which there is no longer any longing to shape one's own life on one's own initiative. Tiredness, listlessness and indifference are the habits of life in which you are no longer present. We breathe in foggy opium every day. The founder of the order did not differentiate according to origin. Be encouraged to accept this violence in your word and life. The Savior of this century is one with you, O God the Father. He utters the promise and has brought all fears and misery of this time into his midst in order to be lord of life and death. Father, we are threatened in our creation if we think you don't mind. We have to take your love seriously again. We have to recognize your son as an image of man so that we can experience how valuable we have become through his services. From his words we recognize the concern for us humans, we receive the comforting answer to all the darkness of this time. The love that you are talking about and that wants to become life in us is the sign of your compassion, so that we can endure all tribulation and tribulation up to the ultimate love unity. We are ready to support the effort of any abuse of power. We know about the tensions of intolerance among like-minded people. You, O Father, appeared to us in Jesus Christ. We must not be indifferent Father, help us so that we understand this time as a request to us to appeal to you. Help those who are distant from you to find you anew and be close to all need, so that we glow in love for thanksgiving and glory. 15th

18 Encouragement Lead through your In a novena after December 8th, 2009, which Pastor Hermann Walch formulated, the community prays for the full development of the Spiritual Council and the recognition of the order Communio in Christ. Lord Jesus Christ, you have chosen Mother Marie Therese to announce anew your salvation and your mercy to all people, which you already prepared for them spiritually all Christians in the Second Vatican Council. Grant that her extraordinary charisma and the founding of the Order of Communion in Christ may develop fully for the Church to carry out this Council and thus bring about her renewal in love. Lead all Christians to full unity in you through your spirit. Let all people experience that you are inviting them to communion with you, through which they recognize God as a loving Father and find peace with one another. Book tip: This book proves that the Holy Spirit gave the Church a special charism even today, which is called Communio in Christ. It emphasizes the power of love and testifies to the dogmatic character of the Second Vatican Council in the establishment of an order. The volume expresses the will of the Spirit, which offers its help for this time and for the church. Unmistakably, Mother Marie Therese, the founder of the order Communio in Christo, possesses this extraordinary charism that serves the Church as a whole. Mother Marie Therese I ask you, o holy church 310 pages mail order bookstore Pattloch (D) ISBN The special thing about this book is that it was written under the conditions of a fatal illness and nevertheless reveals a passionate love for God and his church. 16

19 Call of God in An interview with Pastor Hermann Walch (70), the Spiritual of Communio in Christ, on the annual motto Words of the Mother as encouragement for the world. A key to understanding Mother Marie Therese's books and writings. Encouragement here and now Pastor Hermann Walch (70), the Spiritual of Communio in Christ, has given an impressive testimony to the Communio in Christ and its founder, Mother Marie Therese. Through his work and being in the order and for all people who meet him, especially the needy and the dying, he has become a support and a sign of hope, friend of Christ and witness for the holy founder of communion in Christ. Right now, when he himself was marked by illness and suffering, Pastor Hermann Walch's hearts are beating even higher and more intensely than has been the case for decades in the Communio in Christ and its circle of friends. What has arisen between him and the people who confide in him - in words, looks, often just simple gestures and waving, maybe only in thoughts - reflects the great love that Pastor Walch shares with Mother Marie Therese and her founding work Near. Mother Marie Therese met everyone and everyone individually and individually. It is the love of God that is reflected there, the infinite love of Christ for every human creature, for whose salvation and salvation the Son of God placed himself in shame, torment and death. And which lets him speak to us, as he once said to the thief next to him on the cross: Truly, today you will still be with me in paradise! 17th

20 Encouragement Dear Pastor Walch, You have searched in your life and you have found it. Do you believe that Mother Marie Therese came to give the Church and the world orientation and support like the prophets of the Old Covenant? Pastor Hermann Walch: I am convinced of that. The people of Israel found themselves orphaned in the old covenant if they did not have a prophet. There were times when a word of God had become rare. On the other hand, sometimes they wanted to know better than God: instead of listening to him, they went their own way. When they got stuck in the hopelessness, the sobering comment was: God left them to their own devices. Isn't that any different today? God repeatedly calls people through whom he works. se. He promised to stay with us until the end of the world. Is this the faith and inner strength of the church from which it lives and becomes a blessing? Pastor Hermann Walch: Yes, yes. Trusting that God is with us in the Holy Spirit, all the bishops met with the Pope as extraordinary magisterium for the Second Vatican Council to hear what God was saying to the Church in this time of upheaval and new challenges want. The Second Vatican Council has a dogmatic dimension for you and the communion in Christ. You believe: was the Holy Spirit himself at work there? Pastor Hermann Walch: Indeed not! Since God loves people and they are literally close to his heart, he repeatedly called people through whom he reassured them of his guidance and loyalty. Again and again. And finally did he send his own son? Pastor Hermann Walch: Right. In Jesus Christ, God revealed himself in an unsurpassable and perfect way. Pastor Hermann Walch: So it is. For the bishops with the Pope as extraordinary magisterium confirmed it themselves: God is incessantly in conversation with the bride of his beloved Son, and the Holy Spirit, through whom the living voice of the Gospel echoes in the Church and through her in the world, introduces the believers to all truth and makes the word of Christ abundantly dwell among them. So it is in the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, 8. 18

21 Does the council also say something about the importance of people like Mother Marie Therese, about the share of the prophets and saints in his work in time and in the world? Pastor Hermann Walch: The Second Vatican Council expressly says how valuable such people are in whom heaven lights up. People in whose lives God shows us his face, in whom he even speaks to us. We call them saints: In the lives of those who, although fellow destinies of our humanity, are nevertheless shaped more perfectly in the image of Christ, God shows people his presence and face in a living way. In them he himself speaks to us, gives us a sign of his kingdom to which we, surrounded by such a large cloud of witnesses and in the face of such testimony of the truth of the gospel, are mightily drawn. (Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, 50) Order founders come to the aid of the Church in crises. Encouragement Are there today in addition to the Pope, Bishops, priests and deacons, the ministry, so to speak, also saints and prophets in the Church? Pastor Hermann Walch: The statement by Pope Benedict XVI is helpful in this context. He states that the office guarantees continuity in the church and the connection with the apostolic mandate. The extraordinary charisma, which in addition to the office but also still and undoubtedly exists in the reality of God's word and commission, embodies the event of the Holy Spirit, who intervenes anew. That is why, as Pope Benedict XVI recognizes, these saints, endowed with extraordinary charisma, are the true reformers of the Church. In the 13th century e.g. so Benedict XVI. - It was not the Pope who renewed the Church, but Francis of Assisi, who was called by God to do so. In the great multitude of saints and in addition to the regular magisterium, there was also the special calling of the prophets in the early church, later that of the doctors of the church and the great founders of orders. In them, too, God came to the aid of the Church in an extraordinary way in dramatic situations and times of crisis, as he did at a council. Is it clear to you that Mother Marie Therese had this extraordinary charisma? Pastor Hermann Walch: Absolutely! In Mother Marie Therese, God has come to the aid of today's times with an extraordinary charisma to show the church ways for the realization of what, so to speak, 19

22 Encouragement Mother Marie Therese, do you say, dear Pastor Walch, did you go through the hard school of conforming to Christ? Christ is the hope and the Redeemer of all people, he is near in every need. obligatory Second Vatican Council, so that, in accordance with the mandate of the divine founder, it becomes more and more the one communion in Christ, a community of lovers. Their world mission included all people: Christ is the hope and the Redeemer of all people, he is close to all need, he is indissolubly bound to our world.Mother Marie Therese was not a sectarian, as a number of detractors said in the early stages. Quite the opposite: she was convinced that she should place Communio in Christ as an instrument in the hands of the Pope? Pastor Hermann Walch: She knew that she could only do her job together with the office. She had great respect and awe for the Pope, the bishops and the priests and implored them to support this plan of God. For her and for the church she sacrificed her life to God at the age of 19. Pastor Hermann Walch: So that a person can be bestowed with such an extraordinary charisma for the church, he must, as the council says, be made more perfectly similar to the image of Christ. Benedict XVI .: For example, it is said of Francis: He was a second Christ, a living icon of Christ. A perfect, holy life is always the condition for an extraordinary charism. And such a life led the founder, to which General Superior Haus and you, but also the other members of the convention, give testimony again and again? Pastor Hermann Walch: For 30 years, God put Mother Marie Therese's faith to the test. In total darkness, she blindly clung to God. Her faith in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist and her charity was particularly tested. In humiliations, slander and many illnesses, their thoughts, feelings and actions were purified from all egoism and transformed as if by fire. After this purification, the founder of the communion in Christ wrote countless mystical texts, reflections and 20

23 encouragement, prayers were written that were found in 25 spiritual books. One of them contains the rule of the order, which has already been translated into several languages ​​and which you consider to be the way for everyone? Pastor Hermann Walch: It is characteristic of an order that the founder leaves a rule of the order, according to which the members are guided. It is true: In the case of communion in Christ, this rule of the order is the life of Mother Marie Therese herself. But she said to us: It is not about you following me, but that you follow Christ. She saw herself as an example for following Christ. Her statement is just as remarkable: it cannot be that I have a successor. My successor is my life's work. As a community, we were fortunate enough to live very close to Mother Marie Therese for many years. We were very often shocked and surprised how in their lives we were reminded of situations, incidents and statements from the life of Jesus in the Gospel in connection with their calling. Their life was almost an actualization of the life of Jesus, especially in his love for God and neighbor. Your rule of the order therefore rightly bears the title: The following of Christ, The rule of the order of communion in Christ as a path for all. It is based on the Gospel and the event of the Second Vatican Council and is a hopeful testimony of the working of the living God in a person. How should one imagine it when a person practically awakens to a new life with God after many years of darkness and darkness and then finds such mystical texts and rules of faith and life? Pastor Hermann Walch: It is really important to mention that both the writings and the foundations of the various communities acquire a special quality because they only emerged after the so-called mystical union (Unio mystica) with God; at a time when God was fully and completely in control of their lives. Mother Marie Therese's principle was I do what God wants? The mother's writings were created after the mystical union (Unio mystica). 21

24 Encouragement Pastor Hermann Walch: We all know from our own experience how difficult it is to entrust one's own will to God's will. Mother Marie Therese spoke of the merging of her will with the will of God that alone already indicates a painful process. God had taken the lead in her. I no longer live, Christ lives in me, she said. The first chapters of the rule are headed: The redemption liberation of the ego: There it says: We strive to put the you in the place of our ego Put Jesus in the place of the ego Our life must be Jesus, a community life in the highest form . How much has it changed mother Marie Therese that she surrendered to God? 22 God encouraged mother Marie Therese. Pastor Hermann Walch: As a result, your character, your personality and your loyalty to God and his mission have become extraordinarily strong. Notwithstanding all personal disadvantages, the charge of disobedience and the non-ecclesiastical nature of its foundation, it renounced a form of recognition that was not in accordance with God's plan. To all such tempting offers and ostensibly plausible solutions, she only replied: I do what God wants. Afterwards it became obvious that she would have betrayed the divine commission to found an order if she had been unfaithful to her conscience and the guidance of God. Even with all other decisions where our insight and foresight was insufficient, even with planning for social institutions, it always turned out that they were spot on. It was clear to us that this was only due to God's guidance. This also applied to their security in theological knowledge and statements, which respected experts confirmed. You call it God's claim that makes Mother Marie Therese so believable? Pastor Hermann Walch: Yes, that is very obvious. God encouraged mother Marie Therese to address his claim to the church on his behalf. This claim, which she recorded in letters and in her books, remains raised, valid and alive even after her death. This claim goes back not only to her holy life and her calling through God, - it remains present in the Church and in the world also alongside her writings through the fact of the foundation of the Order of Communion in Christ, which is her extraordinary charisma for the Church and that confirmed God's direct intervention in the fate of the Church. Prof. Libero Gerosa from the Theological Faculty in Lugano, a recognized professor for the Church

25 right and as such a sought-after advisor in the Vatican, even speaks of the fact that an extraordinary charisma, alongside word and sacrament, is the third primary element of the church structure that has legal relevance. (Lexicon of Order Law, Herder 2004). Benedict XVI. has commented on the question of extraordinary charism? Pastor Hermann Walch: Yes, our Pope, as Cardinal Ratzinger, said in an interview with Die Welt am Sonntag on April 4, 1999: You cannot establish orders artificially. I can appoint someone to chair a board of directors or to serve in the Church, but the establishment of an order must come from an inner spiritual calling. There the power of the Church ends, as it were, and that of the Holy Spirit begins. But then the church must be open to give space. You have thought carefully about the language that Mother Marie Therese uses in her reflections, prayers and mystical texts. Do you call it the language of love? Pastor Hermann Walch: Yes, God's language is the language of love. Only the lover understands them. God is De- God's language is the language of love. Encouragement courage: That was one of Mother Marie Therese's preferred statements about God. Only the humble person understands him. Anyone who reads Mother Marie Therese's books must know that he will not find any scientific theological treatises, theories or theses. In it he encounters a theology of empirical science, the reproduction of what has been experienced, of encounters in deepest unity with the Triune God, the linguistic expression of something inexpressible. Meister Eckehart, the well-known mystic of the 13th century, dresses the experience that man is blinded in the encounter with the light of God in the paradoxical expression of overexposed darkness. At the same time, however, Mother Marie Therese's reflections are very concrete, as they have as their content the God who revealed himself in the word and life of Jesus Christ in space and time on our earth. Mother Marie Therese herself says: Space, strength and consolation is the language directed towards the truth. I do not speak from myself, but allow that word of heaven so that it settles credibly in the hearts of those who still want to believe in God in the flesh. This is a quote from I ask you, O Holy Church In the Name of the Spirit, page 210, published by Pattloch

26 Encouragement There is an image that in some texts is not written by the author, but is written from within? Mother Marie Therese is a gift from God. Pastor Hermann Walch: The words that Mother Marie Therese had written down during such an encounter without any interruption or long deliberation, she did not change anything afterwards. Most of them were handwritten. I was then allowed to type this into the machine. I felt that was a great privilege and trust. The initiative for such, let's call it an encounter, always came from God, which she described as pulling, urging and forcing. Did Mother Marie Therese seem distant when she wrote? Pastor Hermann Walch: Her confessor and soul leader, Superior General Karl-Heinz Haus wrote the first prayers, because Mother Marie Therese was so overwhelmed by the encounter with God that she seemed to be powerless. I was able to experience this a few times myself. Once it was during a worship in the house chapel. I especially remember the Holy Week. Mother Marie Theresa had an extremely painful and life-threatening facial rose (herpes zoster). In the midst of these pains, new meditations and prayers were heralded, testifying to her deep and deep love for the suffering Christ. They are published in her book The Experiment of My Life. The suffering church (Pattloch-Verlag 1978). While she was writing these texts and prayers, she was as she told us - without pain. After that, the pain came back in great severity. She also saw this painful illness in connection with the preparation for her founding of the Unio of Atonement on September 1st. Mother Marie Therese's texts want to be felt? Pastor Hermann Walch: Mother Marie Therese called her texts contemplations. In fact, preaching and prayer often merge almost unnoticed, but they always end with a prayer. To the extent that we are ready to allow ourselves to be taken into this contemplation, into the space of God, and to allow such a text to be given to us without reservation, we will also receive rich gifts. So if you approach such a text with reservations, if you want to quickly skim it diagonally to determine whether it brings something new or where it still needs to be polished and polished, the message of love and 24

27 Encouragement closed to hope. Whoever reads these texts with examining glasses neglects to allow himself to be tested by these texts and to face their demands in order to gain strength and guidance for a progress or for a change in his own personal one To be able to create life. Mother Marie Therese only had these experiences published after repeated urging by God. She knew that these sacred moments could be misinterpreted. But she also knew that many would benefit greatly from it in their spiritual lives. They assume that it was her vocation that brought mother Marie Therese to Germany, to certain people and explicitly also to the diocese of Aachen and Mechernich. What is special about Communio in Christ, what is your cathedral treasure? Pastor Hermann Walch: Certainly they are not the perfect members. Mother Marie Therese herself said: Communio in Christ is a community of the weak and the powerless. As a special feature we cannot come up with the fact that the Communion in Christ would have conquered the Church and the world in a stormy flight. Nor can we offer programs and content that are completely new. It was actually in the treasury of Aachen Cathedral that I found the answer: In the Aachen Cathedral Treasury is the Gospel Book of Otto III, created around the year 990. According to tradition, the Gospel Book was a gift from the Emperor to the Aachen Coronation Foundation. For centuries it was the gospel of the German kings. The meaning of the Gospel is reflected in the inscription on the dedication sheet: May God clothe your heart with this book, Emperor Otto. And what should you, what should all of our hearts clothe? Pastor Hermann Walch: Our cathedral treasure is the extraordinary gift of grace from God in Mother Marie Therese for the church. It is deposited in the foundation of the order Communio in Christ and in their writings. With this, may God clothe the hearts of the Pope, Christians and all people, so that their hearts will be warm, so that our hearts may be filled with the warmth and ardor of his love. Christ himself may be recognized by this garment of our heart: by the mantle of communion in Christ, which embraces everyone. Manfred Lang spoke to Pastor Hermann Walch. The cloak of communion embraces all people. 25th

28 Encouragement Charisma Seeks Office Mystics like Francis and Mother Marie Therese showed the Church ways out of the crisis at different times - a commentary on the sermon of Pope Benedict XVI. at the general audience on January 27, 2010 By Karl-Heinz Haus, General Superior Francis of Assisi, the prophetic reformer of the Middle Ages, did not intend to create a new order, but only to renew the people of God for the Lord who is coming . This is what Pope Benedict XVI said. during his general audience on January 27, 2010, speaking on Saint Francis. With sorrow and sorrow he understood that everything must be in order, that canon law is also necessary in order to give shape to renewal, and so he really and completely integrated himself with his heart into the communion of the Church with the Pope and the bishops one, continued the Holy Father. Unification of word and deed With this, he linked, possibly without intent, but nevertheless accurate, parallels with mother Marie Therese in the 20th century, which are significant. Because the mother also wanted to go before- Francis of Assisi got up in a time of crisis to show the church a way out. Fundamentally, don’t found an order, but rather a movement that came from the Spiritual Second Vatican Council and was supposed to encompass and renew the whole Church. Namely, in the unification of the words of the Council and deeds of active charity, in the renewal of the self-evident agreement of the sacraments of word, Eucharist and deed, of orthodoxy and orthopraxis. In those days of St. Francis, as today, the church went through severe, one might almost think, existential crises. She learns first hand that she cannot solve many problems herself. Discussions in the church hierarchy do not help either. Often they lead to an even bigger living apart. 26

29 Encouragement Who can provide guidance in such situations, and who can help the Church find a way out and open up new perspectives that will deepen the faith? The truth is that in times of crisis in church history people have always stood up who knew and showed the way out of the crisis. They did not refer to this guidance from themselves, they did not refer to their own guidelines and programs, but to divine inspiration. It was charismatic people, founders of orders, mystics in the classical sense of the word, from whom the Spirit of God spoke and to whom God himself gave the impetus to overcome difficulties. Enlightenment got to see a simple man support the tumbling church with his shoulders so that it would not collapse. When Francis stood before him in 1209, he recognized in him the man whom he saw in a dream supporting the church. This was the breakthrough for a worldwide mission in the service of the Church that continues to work into our time. For Francis it was the ecclesiastical recognition that allowed him, with the blessing of the Pope, to spread his mission throughout the Church. Pope Innocent gave it to him in the form of an oral permit. With this, Francis had found his support in the papacy. Pope Benedict XVI states that these people called by God actually existed in church history. in his general audience on January 27, 2010, using the example of St. Francis, an impressive testimony. His figure makes it very clear that God wants to stand by the church in times of crisis in a special and extraordinary way in order to keep it from collapsing. A man supports the church And God can do that through a small and insignificant religious like Francis was. At least that was the case with the then powerful and learned Pope Innocent III. Experienced in 1207, when he was dreaming through a pastor's house, showing parallels between Francis of Assisi and the founder of the order, mother Marie Therese. Photo: Lang 27

30 Encouragement and with it the breakthrough in the Church, as was the case with other great founders of the order. Innocent III. had to recognize for his part: It is not the Pope who renews the Church, but the charism that God gave to a small and humble religious. Pope Benedict: Francis of Assisi wanted to renew the people of God for the Lord.In this context, Benedict expressly emphasizes the fine interplay of prophetic charisma as an event of the Holy Spirit in the here and now and the authority of the office as a guarantee of continuity and the connection with the origin of the apostolic mandate. What the Pope said about Francis and the Church can also be applied word for word to Mother Marie Therese. This is not just my conviction and that of our entire community. Mother Marie Therese herself expressed and testified to this in all of her writings. She, endowed with extraordinary charisma for the confirmation of the Council and for the renewal of the Church, humbly saw herself given by God into the hands of the Holy Father as an instrument of reform. Mother had a world mission I am convinced: Mother Marie Therese is called and commissioned to support the foundations of the church. She had a world mission. In their own words, their foundation can only achieve a breakthrough through the papacy. She was only concerned with serving the Church in communion with the Pope and the bishops. It was about the unity of office and charisma. Without this unity, the Church cannot be seen as a whole, she was convinced of that. But there is a difference between Mother Marie Therese and Franziskus. Mother Marie Therese once put it this way: For me, verbal permission from the Pope, which Francis received, is not enough. The difference lies in the demands with which Mother Marie Therese addresses the church and its representatives and speaks to them. Again and again she testifies to this claim in her writings. She testifies to the greatness of her extraordinary charism, of which she is certain that God has given her as a spiritual power for the church in order to advise, guide and admonish the church in the authority of an extraordinary and universal founding charism. The crisis-ridden church has always been given an extraordinary charisma from God in support of itself and the papacy. 28

31 Encouragement In the midst of us, in our community, we experienced this spiritual power. We noticed her impartiality with which she illuminated her charisma. What struck us the most were their own statements about their powerlessness, incompetence, and indignity. God practically chose inability as a tool in her. In her he gave the ignorant the gift of advice, in order to advise and strengthen in situations of division and confusion. Such a charism is something special and precious for the Church that needs to be preserved and protected like a treasure. It is the authority of the Spirit articulated by a person that claims obedience when confusion, division, schism, or a departure from the truth emerges within the church. The extraordinary charisma is a gift that seeks a way into the center of the Church outside of the law. It is witnessed in the establishment of an order and determines what it wills. Is an act that is attested to with life. Many do not even know the value of this precious gift with its unsurpassed wealth. The founding act of the order Communio in Christ raised the unity of the church to a mystical level. The mother continues: I carry it in my heart and I very much wish that it can cast its bright path into the world, so that hope may embrace the earth, hope for redemption, hope for the fulfillment of the law. This charisma is for this: To testify to this truth that love does not reject the law, but fulfills it. For the decay of our century there is this life-based answer in the last of 57 letters that Mother Marie Therese sent to Rome on February 25, 1991, for Hd. Of Cardinal Oddi, the essence of her charismatic concern is expressed. It was Mother Marie Therese's last letter from a cycle of 57 letters to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre I carry it in my heart. Mother Marie Therese wrote Communio in Christ on December 8, 1989, the fifth anniversary of her founding of the order: This is not the work of man, but God's work. After five years I realize that the main reason for a misunderstanding is probably the insufficient knowledge of the sacramental Numerous clergy sought spiritual accompaniment from Mother Marie Therese. 29

32 Encouragement and to Cardinal Oddi, with whom she had tried to prevent the schism in the Catholic Church over the years. According to Mother Marie Therese, these letters are not letters to individuals. She believes they are letters to the Church. They bear witness to the greatness of their extraordinary and universal founding charism, from which the order Communio in Christ arose. They also convincingly oppose a widespread opinion that the founder of the Communio in Christ wanted to achieve ecclesiastical recognition by ignoring current canon law. It is particularly topical that in this context Mother Marie Therese wants to point out to both the representatives of the Church and Archbishop Lefebvre that the Holy Church is clearly separated from a special charism, both in its code and in the decrees and in the deeds Has. I am thinking here of the word of a Jesuit, Father Geiger, which Mother Marie Therese surprisingly included in the statutes of her priestly community, which she wrote in 1982, which says: I want the Old Testament priesthood, which is for the poor, humble and suffering Son of man rejected, do not be an example in this respect for the priesthood of the new covenant! In particular, do not want the great apostasy at the end of time to be brought about by a similar error of the priests and teachers of the Church, in that they overlook the poor, humble and crucified Savior and in his place a Savior according to the earthly desires of their hearts, for the benefit of the world to form a "cultural savior" with whom they believe they can win the world. (P. Geiger). In these letters, Mother Marie Therese herself states in the authority of her extraordinary charism how she would like to be approved in the Church, Eminence! The stigmatization of St. Francis, artistically processed in the painting. In awe, I ask you to also read this 57th letter as an interference and gift of the 30th

33 Encouragement to evaluate heaven. An impotent person who is aware of his incompetence is compelled by the power of the spirit to do things which burden him and which he would be afraid of if they were not the consequence of saying yes to the establishment of a community which, as an order, has authority confirmed by a higher power. In the almost seven years of existence of this fact, I am punished in all forms with silence, skepticism and rejection, as if this decision of conscience did not endure. I am again obliged to testify before you, Your Eminence, a) that I am the founder of the Communion in Christ. It is a movement that is to be assessed as an order and that emphasizes the doctrinal character of the Second Vatican Council and that in works bears witness to the truthfulness of God's intervention. I am called upon to give expression to my certainty that I have been gifted with an outer r o r d e n l i c h e n ch a ri s m a, which in the protective grace of heaven obliges me to lead a life directed towards God alone, in which God alone works. b) I confess and testify in now 57 letters to the most revered Archbishop Lefebvre that I have been entrusted with the work of the Spirit and, in obedience and in the certainty of my helplessness, to fulfill God's will in order to remedy the division in the Church. Grace wanted me to go to Mother Marie Therese when the order was founded on December 8, 1984 in Mechernich. The depth of this conflict penetrated, although this time too I admit my ignorance and my frailty in order to put myself above those involved, who produce far greater intelligence and cleverness. However, I am again commissioned, in obedience to the will of God, to remind the representatives of the Church of the existence of a charism which resides in the holy Church. The spirit itself speaks from it and provides special help where human failure has moved away from the spiritual power. c) Once again I confess my weakness in which this authority has taken on flesh in order to gain recognition and attention and, in faith in God, asks me to listen to what comes out of this power as support. d) All letters to the Holy See and to Archbishop Lefebvre