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Prometheus (in German: "Foresight") is a titan in Greek mythology.

He is the son of Iapetus and the wisest Titan in contrast to Epimetheus. He was able to predict the future, which is why he joined Zeus when he wanted to overthrow Kronos, which is why he was still allowed to walk freely on earth.


Having the ability to see into the future, Prometheus joined Zeus when he wanted to overthrow Kronos and the Titans. For this reason he was still walking freely on earth. Prometheus was on earth where there were birds and animals on the ground. However, there was no extremely intelligent and inventive animal there, which is why Prometheus formed people from clay. Prometheus showed them how they can build houses and how they can use remedies to protect themselves from disease.

Zeus, who overthrew Cronus and the Titans together with the Olympians, now became aware of the people along with the other Olympians. They promised the people to protect them if they worshiped them. Now both parties met while Prometheus represented the advocate of the people and used a ruse.

Prometheus sacrificed a bull and made two piles in the bull's skin. Zeus should choose one of them. Prometheus put all the bones in one and the flesh, entrails and stomach in the other. The pile of skin with the bones looked as if there was more content there, but Zeus saw through the deception. Nevertheless he took the larger pile and pretended to be angry and indignant. So he wanted revenge.

He did not want to give people their last gift, fire, as revenge. But Prometheus showed it to the people with his own hand, which Zeus disliked very much. So he ordered Hephaestus to create an illusion of a beautiful virgin. Athena, who became jealous of Prometheus, also helped by throwing a white veil on the maiden. Aphrodite granted her charm and Hermes taught her the language. Zeus named this good-looking virgin Pandora.

He gave Pandora a box in which every Olympian put something disastrous for humanity. With this box, Pandora went to Prometheus' brother, Epimetheus, who received it joyfully, although Prometheus warned him not to send gifts back from the gods because they wanted to harm people. So when she was with him, she opened the box and troops of mischief came out and attacked the whole world. Among them was the disease. But one thing, a good one, didn't come out of the can as Pandora quickly closed the lid: Hope. However, the can was opened again later.

Finally, Zeus had Hephaestus forged a heavy chain with which he was supposed to tie Prometheus to a rock in the Caucasus, which he did. But that was not all: The eagle Ethon came every day and ate something from Prometheus' liver, which, however, did not kill him, since he was immortal, which is why he had to endure the agony again every day, since his liver returned at night offspring.

According to Zeus, this should continue until a man voluntarily relieved him of his torments. This actually happened after a long time: Cheiron, who was immortal but received a wound from Heracles, wanted to die because of this very wound and therefore took pity on Prometheus, which finally allowed him to be free. In other versions, Heracles freed Prometheus. However, from now on Prometheus had to wear a ring with a stone from the Caucasus so that Zeus can boast that Prometheus was still tied to the stone.