What is the 3 second rule

Does the three-second rule apply to food?

Briefly inattentive and the delicious sausage lands on the floor. Is it Dangerous to Still Eat a Dropped Snacks Experts say: it depends.

You eat delicious bread and in a careless moment it happens: A piece of sausage falls on the floor. Are you leaving the fallen food? Or do you think: Nothing happened that quickly - after all, the three-second rule applies?

The microbiologist Dr. Dirk Bockmühl traces the myth according to which no germs appear on fallen food in three seconds. For this purpose, Bockmühl dropped the following foods on fabric and ceramics in an experiment:

The expert left the food on the surfaces once for only three seconds and once for half a minute.

Bacteria are found even after three seconds

The result shows that bacteria get on the food after just three seconds. The longer the cucumber, sausage and bread lay on the surface, the more bacteria were found on it. For healthy people, however, the following applies: the germs that are on the fallen food after three seconds are not harmful.

But does that also apply if sandwiches and other snacks fall on the floor outdoors? Bockmühl recommends using common sense: you should weigh up where your food is going. "Otherwise, washing up will also help," advises the microbiologist.

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