What does real illusion mean

Real illusion: this is how you can be mistaken


After a short while in Illusoria Land, one would no longer necessarily bet that two and two are four. You don't know exactly what is up and down anyway. The worst thing, however, is that you no longer trust your gray matter. This is due to the illusorist Sandro Del-Prete, who invited us to his Illusoria land. Everything starts there quite harmlessly. The fact that you see a naked woman instead of dolphins in a picture can be explained by the male fantasy. But then there is this statue. She follows us with her eyes wherever we go. A painted gentleman who is definitely not mobile bows before us and at the latest on the picture with the infinite staircase I start to doubt my mind. Is it that far now?

All just optical illusions. ┬╗

Sandro Del-Prete (77), operator Illusoria-Land

The artist who doesn't want to be

The 77-year-old Del-Prete is not a magician. The artist, who does not want to be called that, works on the one hand with illusions such as inversion technology, on the other hand with holography and laser technology. Above all, however, with the character of the human brain, which does not want to see what cannot be and therefore starts rotating: the upper and lower sides of a chessboard, for example, at the same time. Or this cube that opens when you walk by and gives birth to a little devil. And where does this woman come from, who suddenly floats and sings in open space? Why is a fiery planet rushing towards us out of nowhere that can be clearly seen but not touched? Greetings from Harry Potter.

The first look is deceptive. The second usually too.

Experiences with an aha effect

All optical illusions, says Del-Prete. In Illusoria-Land, people walk through mirrors, a painted rose suddenly blooms and a blind woman leads people through the pitch-dark labyrinth, an eerily beautiful experience with an aha effect. The highlight for children is the rotating tunnel. Although you walk straight through a kaleidoscope of colors over a walkway, although the walkway does not move and you hold on to handrails: everyone gets a list here.

You can walk freely through Illusoria Land, but a guided tour is recommended. Del-Prete is an exciting person. And something else is recommended: If you want to be sure that two and two are four, you can spend a while in the adjoining park with a koi pond after returning from the land of illusions. Fresh air adjusts the brain cells again.


Exhibitions in Illusoria-Land - Bern - Switzerland

Visitor information: Illusoria Land

In the experience field of the senses in the R├╝ttihubelbad BE you will encounter yourself in a variety of ways. 70 stations invite you to try out and observe.

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There are also numerous exciting and / or educational sites on the Internet on which you can (be) deceived.

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