What can I do with a CDA

Open CDA file - This is what lies behind the file


CDA files, or "Compact Disc Audio", cannot be opened easily. In contrast to data CDs, an audio CD only contains sound tracks that can be pointed to. However, if you also want to enjoy an audio CD on your PC, you must be able to open these files correctly in order to play the tracks.

Open CDA file through Windows Media Player

The standard Windows Media Player software can help you open a CDA file quickly and easily:
  1. CDA files display information about a track on an audio CD.
  2. However, this file does not really exist, which means that it cannot be opened directly.
  3. If you copy a CDA file to your PC, you have just copied the shortcut.
  4. To open the CDA file, insert the CD into your drive and open your Explorer.
  5. Find your CD on the left and right click on the drive.
  6. Now select "Playback" and make sure that Windows Media Player is selected as the playback software.

How to copy tracks to your PC

If you want to copy the tracks from your CD to your PC, you need software from a third party. The CDex software, for example, is suitable for this. Download this and open it. Insert your CD into the drive and then click on "Convert". Select the first option or alternatively press F8. The tracks are now available in your music folder.

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