Are all premium golf balls the same

Driving Range Ball vs. Premium Golf Ball - What's the Difference

Have you always wondered what the difference between one Range Ball and one high quality golf ball is? And how many meters would a premium golf ball fly further than the ball from the driving range?

The golf portal Todaysgolfer pitted a driving range ball against a high quality five-piece tour golf ball to find out whether a range ball could actually have a negative impact on performance on the golf course.

How often have you had golf balls on the Driving range beaten and thought i'm sure i got mine Iron 8 on the golf course further than 110 meters hit?

Most golfers believe that range balls, often two-piece balls bought in bulk, do not perform as well as premium tour balls.

But how do we know for sure?

You certainly spend a lot of time on the driving range to practice your Shot distances for each of your clubs internalize.

However, you are using the existing range balls and not your own golf balls for the golf course.

Since many golfers determine their throw distances for wedges, irons, woods and drivers on the range, it is quite interesting how the deviation from a premium golf ball turns out to be.

Todaysgolfer tees both with a leading tour ball (TaylorMade TP5x) as well as with a standard range ball. A Foresight GC Quad Launch Monitor acted as the test system.

The difference between a range ball and a high quality golf ball

First the wedges, then the irons and finally the driver were tested. After analyzing the data, you could see how the two balls performed.

Let's look at the results with the wedge.

The biggest difference in performance was found in the wedges. The harder range balls shot 7 km / h faster from the face and could only generate a measly backspin of 2,563 rpm (for orientation: the number that golfers usually associate with the driver's backspin) during the TP5x 173% more backspin produced.

Since spin affects the take-off angle and shot height, it becomes clear that working on your short game on the driving range may not be the best idea as performance on a course with a decent ball will likely be very different .

You can see this from the fact that the range ball flies significantly further (14 meters) and most likely has a flatter trajectory.

In fairness it has to be said that the results with the irons are very similar in terms of ball speed and distance. But that will likely be the area of ​​the game that the average two-piece range ball is optimized for. The tour ball is only slightly better at 564 revolutions per minute (rpm) when it comes to backspin.

But with the driver, the TP5x completely dwarfed the range ball. 10 km / h more ball speed and eight meters more carry distance.

If it had been a one-piece range ball, all values ​​would probably have been much more extreme. I suspect differences in distance of over ten percent there.

Conclusion: Driving Range Ball vs. Premium Golf Ball

Like real golf balls, two-piece range balls from different brands can work well in certain areas - but not in the entire bag across different golf clubs like a modern tour ball.

That shows TaylorMade TP5x: The ball works exactly as a golfer needs it to be. A lot of spin with the wedges, as agile as possible spin and a lot of ball speed with the driver.

What's the conclusion?

Transferring shot distances from the driving range to the course is a questionable practice, especially for wedges and drivers. The backspin has a strong influence on the flight of the ball and the distance covered as well as the stopping behavior on the green.

You would therefore ...

  • Overestimate your wedge distances
  • estimate your iron distances well
  • Underestimate your driver distances

If your distances for every shot are important to you, then you will not be able to avoid a fitting on an indoor simulator.

With a simulator you can also fine-tune and optimize the perfect ball for your entire bag.

DIYgolf tip: Start now with the right one Golf equipment right through!

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