What is a box shape

Loaf pan for bread and king cakes


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Loaf shape: which material is better?

Baking pan made of silicone, tin or enamelled? The range is vast - from cheap to premium goods.


The cheapest is tinplate, which can withstand high temperatures, but must always be well greased. In addition, it is not scratch-resistant and is prone to rust. Box tins made of black sheet metal are just as sensitive, but they have a thin non-stick coating.

Enamel coating

Box tins with an enamel coating, on the other hand, are robust, scratch and cut resistant and have very good baking properties. The heat is optimally distributed and after baking, the dough simply comes out of the mold. But that has its price. On the other hand, these forms are quite durable.

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Box molds made of silicone are becoming increasingly popular. Due to the soft material, the dough can be removed from the mold extremely easily. A previous greasing is not necessary. Silicone molds are also perfect for ice cream or parfaits. Depending on the manufacturer, the material is also suitable for very high temperatures.

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Which loaf pan for bread?

Two criteria are important: the size and the heat resistance.


Large loaf shapes from 30 centimeters in length are best, so that a decent loaf of around 1,000 grams is created. Small molds around 20 centimeters also work, but you should keep in mind that you can only bake very small breads with them, which often does not justify the great effort.

Heat resistance

However, temperature resistance is particularly important. Because breads are usually baked at higher temperatures, the loaf pan must be sufficiently heat-resistant. Depending on the recipe, that can be 280 degrees.


Loaf shape: conclusion

A box shape should be available in every household. With it you can not only bake juicy cakes like the famous marble cake, but also make cold parfaits, bake meat pies and even bread. If you bake a lot and like to bake, you should invest in good quality that is scratch-resistant and can withstand very high heat.

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